Sunday, June 15, 2014

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY !!! Tribute to fictional fathers that have action figures of themselves .

Today Action Figure Imagery Toy Reviews pays tribute to some fictional fathers that you can purchase or may already have as an action figure . As usual, there are some good guy fathers out there and bad ones. First let's take a look at the good ones. Not only are they notified as a father, but information on who their children are is also given .
                     GOOD  GUY  FATHERS 
Before he became Commissioner Gordon he was Lieutenant Gordon . He is also the father of as many of us already know of Barbara Gordon , AKA Bat-Girl . 
Before the New 52 began Aquaman had a son that was tragically taken away from him by the Black Manta . 
Besides being cast in this year's Guardian of the Galaxy movie , Drax is also the father of the bald female Marvel character called MoonDragon . 
Bruce Wayne, Bat-Man was later given a son by the DC writers named Damian Wayne . 
I'm sure many of you already know that Wolvie is the father of the well known Marvel character known as Daken . 
Many of you also know that Mr. Fantastic along with his wife Sue Storm also have children named Franklin and Valeria Richards . Their is an action figure that exist of Franklin but none of the daughter Valeria . Maybe someday, as she is the only member of the Richards family without an action figure at the time of this writing . 
One of the biggest mysteries of the Smurfs franchise is where is Mama Smurf or is there or was there ever such thing as a Mama Smurf . However there is of course Papa Smurf . Rather all the of the Smurfs are his kids or not is also mysterious . But since all of the Smurfs call him " PAPA" , he is like a FATHER figure to them .
Other good guy fathers that have action figures but are not pictured are ...........
(1) Man-At-Arms - Of Masters of the Universe fame, caring for Teela as his adopted daughter. 
(2) King Randor - Also of MOTU fame, is the father of Prince Adam ( He-Man ) and Princess Adora ( She-Ra ) along with his wife Queen Marlena.
(3) Jor-El - The father of Superman. The real biological father of the Man of Steel . At the time of this writing there is no action figure of John Kent, Clark Kent's adopted father . 
Go to Wikipedia or Google the words " The Sons of Trigon" to learn more about this demon's demonic offspring . 
Magneto would later in the Marvel comics discover that Quick Silver and the Scarlet Witch are actually his children .
Norman Osborn AKA Green Goblin , also the father as we all know of the second Green Goblin, Harry Osborn .
Many hard core comic book fans already know that Wilson Fisk, AKA the Kingpin also had a son. His son took on a secret identity as a villain known as "The Rose". 
The original Kraven the Hunter also had chidren that followed in his villainous footsteps. 
Now on to some villainous fathers NOT pictured . 
( 1) Darth Vader - Surprised many Star Wars fans many years ago with his famous quote " Luke, I am your father ". Referring to Luke Skywalker . 
( 2) Lex Luthor ??? - I put question marks by Lex's name because of Alexander Luthor Jr, from the alternate Earth three. This is also the world the Crime Syndicate is from . Alexander is the son of that world's Lex Luthor, not the same Lex that battles Superman . 
So there you have it. A tribute to a few select fictional fathers that are in action figure form . And again HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to the real fathers out there and God bless you .