Monday, June 9, 2014


Do you think a lot of action figures of real life people look like their real life counterparts ? In this article , you can decide just that by viewing these comparison shots of famous people next to an action figure of themselves. I will be posting more of these type of articles in the future. Credit is given to the websites where the real life pics come from . We all know that when an action figure is made of a real life person, there are supposed to be perfect likenesses , however we also all know that is not always the case. The purpose of this article is to give you an idea if the toy companies are doing a good job of making figures of real people . Wrestling action figures and sports action figures such as Mcfarlane Sports  seem to have more action figures of real life people than any other company . However here are a few comparison shots of a select few. The comparison shots were made using the software titled " Microsoft Office Power Point " . 
In my opinion this old X-Men Storm figure by Toybiz is not as pretty as the real Halle Berry . It seems to be missing Halle's dimples and pretty smile, plus the figure's eyes seem kind of slanted a little whereas Halle's eyes are not slanted . Still a good likeness none the less. 
I truly believe that when Toybiz made this action figure of the Hulkster , they probably used the pic above or something similar to it as reference . Looks like a perfect likeness to me . They did their homework right on this figure .
Is it just me because I seem to think the action figure looks slightly younger than the real James Marsters . Other than that they are a perfect likeness of each other .
Despite the fact the figure's head seem to be lacking less details such as wrinkles than Jeff Bridges himself, the likeness is excellent . 
Now this is the first figure where I feel the action figure does not fully resemble the real person . The action figure has too much forehead . Jessica's forehead is flat whereas the figure's forehead is rounded . Don't get me wrong however, the figure looks great . But Jessica looks better and is much more prettier than the action figure . 
I think this old Jakks Pacific WWE figure of Trish is a perfect likeness . 
I think this Juggy figure resembles Vinnie but it is not a perfect likeness . To me the faces seem to be shaped slightly different between figure and real life person . Vinnie's forehead seems to protrude out a little bit more than the figure, whereas the figure's forehead is flat . I think the closest similar feature between the figure and Vinnie are the eyebrows . 
Zoe Saldana will soon be seen as Gamora in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Here's a look at one of her early roles as communications specialist Uhura from the Star Trek film in 2008 . I think the likeness is not spot on but the figure does resemble her . Zoe's face seems to be slightly longer than the figure's . Plus just like the other female figures discussed in this article , she is prettier than her action figure . 
From far away, at a distance , I think this figure does resemble this former Bad Boy of the NBA . But when you view the figure up close , it seems to me that it looks a lot younger then the real Dennis Rodman . For those of you whom may not know, this figure is from the WCW Toybiz line . 
                       So there you have it . I hope you enjoyed this article and maybe even could notice all of 
the differences or similarities between real life people and their action figures . 


  1. This is a fun post i hope we see more of these in the future.

  2. Thanks John I'm glad you like it. I'll definitely have more in the future .