Saturday, May 31, 2014

ACTION FIGURE FIGHTS - She-Hulk .VS. Omega Red and Thing .VS. Iron Clad

Here are two battles for your enjoyment. The first is She-Hulk from Hasbro's Marvel Legends against Omega Red of Toybiz Marvel Legends. The second is one of Hasbro's first Thing figures against Iron Clad of the U-Foes . This version of Iron Clad is based on one of those old Hulk video games. Enjoy the pics.
                          SHE-HULK  . VS.  OMEGA  RED 

                                         THING   .VS . IRON  CLAD


  1. Icon Clad is no match for the mighty Thing!

  2. He's definitely not as strong as Thing . I wish Hasbro would make the rest of the U-Foes though.