Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day. Tribute to military based action figures.

But more important than a tribute to the action figures is a tribute to the real life men and women who have protected and served this country. May God bless all the veterans out there. Now on to the tribute with the figures. What better way for an action figure website to honor Memorial Day ? With a tribute to military based action figures, that's how . Not all military based figures are represented in this article, just a select few, including some big name franchises such as G.I. Joe and Street Fighter .
We start off with G.I.Joe . I don't own a lot of Joes in my collection but here are two . Duke and one of the Dreadnoks. I love G.I. Joe as a franchise overall, be it cartoon or comics. But I have not been too crazy about the toys. Until Hasbro made the 25th Anniversary figures, which have more detail and realism than the classic figures from the 1980s line . I hope one day we will see 6" Joe figures . The Sigma Six figures are close, but they are a little bit too tall to be considered in the 6" scale.
This guy is based on an old video game called Brothers in Arms . This is Private Legs Leggett . He comes with some nice military based accessories, his helmet is removable and he is in the 6 inch scale. You can check out Plan B Toys if you want to add these guys to your action figure collection .
Guile is the top military character from the Street Fighter franchise. The figure is really neat with some cool accessories. A comb , his sonic boom blasts , a dog tag just to name a few .
Even though he's not wearing military attire , we all know that Captain America's roots are military based . After all, he's not called a " Super Soldier" for nothing . For those of you whom may not know This is a Toybiz Cap that came in a two-pack with one of the later designs of the Red Skull .
Now for some miscellaneous military based action figures. I purchased these guys a long time ago at a local Family Dollar store. I no longer have the packaging they came in and can't remember what they are named . However they are a little bit shorter than G.I. Joe figures.
And finally , who is this little guy and where is he from ? He came as an extra figure in a Goodwill grab bag that I purchased from a Goodwill store. He looks like something out of Fisher-Price but I'm not sure just guessing . Wherever he's from we can tell he's military based because of his attire .
There you have it. These are just a select few military based action figures out of many out there. One honorable mention is that who could forget those grab bags of little green army men. Small and non articulate however I thought they are worth mentioning for this article. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY again everyone and enjoy your day off from work .


  1. Love those Dollar Store Chap Mei figures!

  2. Thanks for verifying the company that made those small army guys John . I agree they are neat figures for a good small price.

    1. No problem and am almost certain that's what those are because were dollar store regulars for years but not so much anymore. That company really does some very cool stuff you should check out there Dino Valley sets sometime and some of there older fantasy related stuff...low on the articulation but high on fun and detail. : )

    2. WOW I did not know they had those Dino valley sets . I'll search E-Bay for those. As for the fantasy stuff you mentioned, I think I slightly remember some wizards and warriors type figures by them .

    3. Yeah you should google some images of them they are super neat! I want to get some Chap Mei stuff but it's getting harder to find the older stuff in the U.S. if you go to Ebay U.K. there is a lot on there from what i have seen.

    4. They are becoming rare in the U.S. just like the original Megator is . Good luck in finding the Chap Mei figures.