Thursday, May 29, 2014

ACTION FIGURE FIGHTS - The Abomination .VS. Sasquatch

This battle is between two of my most favorite Marvel Legend Toy Biz figures . Remember everyone, The Abomination is on the same power level as the Hulk . As both the comics and that Hulk movie that came out a few years ago proved . Although Sasquatch is powerfully strong himself , he is no where near on the same power level as those two behemoths . Enjoy the pics.


  1. Ha haa lol . Sorry guys I just have that feeling that The Abomination would dominate the fight. He even gives the Hulk trouble in the comics .

  2. Great battle pics! And I agree, Abomination would use Sasquatch as a mop!

  3. Haa Haa good one Eric. Thanks man !!!