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Sy-Klone was one of my favorite characters and action figures as a kid. The vintage 1980's version was known for its spin feature. This updated MOTUC Sy-Klone does NOT spin, which kind of takes away the nostalgic feel from the eighties. When I opened him up I was disappointed that the spin feature was gone, but grew to like the figure anyway. I'm assuming the reason the spin feature was not available is because Maybe Mattel figured that action features are for kids, not for adult collectors. They figure most adults display their figures rather than play with them. As you can see in the pic, Sy-Klone comes with two accessories. His yellow shield and the circular red piece that fits on an attachment on his lower back. This red piece pays homage to the redesigned MOTU Sy-Klone figure from the early 2000's .
Sy-Klone's sticker is more secure this time. It will not peel off like the one on the old 80's vintage figure. Also if you pay close attention to Sy-Klone's chest you'll notice a radar beam that moves across his chest when you move the figure around. This is a very cool special effect and kind of makes up for the missing spinning action .
                 Even though Sy-Klone can't spin anymore, ( at least this figure,not the character) , you can still put him in spinning poses just like the following four pics.

As for his bio, Mattel went with his Mike Young Productions origin instead of the old Golden Books origin where he was a circus acrobat and was some kind of way given his tornado powers to him by Spydor. I like that origin better than I do the Mike Young one because the Golden Books origin is proof that Sy-Klone had some athleticism before he got his powers. I like the idea of him being somewhat of an athlete with acrobatic skill better than I do of him being just a regular guy.
 One thing I do like about this new bio however is that it states that Sy-Klone added the radar himself, not anyone else. So at least this tidbit of information shows that Sy-Klone has advanced intelligence, rather than just being a normal guy with no special skills whatsoever.
                                           FINAL  THOUGHTS
(1) ARTICULATION - The basic/standard MOTUC articulation. In homage to the vintage figure, there's a spin dial on the back of his belt but it does not move.
(2) STANDABILITY - Sy-Klone has no trouble standing up. Thankfully the added accessories to his back ( the blue backpack like attachment and the red ring ) does not make him top heavy.
(3) WHAT I LIKE BEST ABOUT SY-KLONE ? His radar sticker with the moving radar sticker as I mentioned earlier is a nice special effect. The sculpting is nice and I like the fact that he can still be placed in spinning poses .
(4) WHAT I LIKE LEAST ABOUT SY-KLONE ? The spinning feature is gone. What was his trademark as a toy in his previous toy versions is no longer there. My only complaint about this figure.
(5) WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE TO MAKE THIS FIGURE BETTER ? Add the spinning feature. As they use to say in some Marvel Comics "Nuff said".
(6) GRADING SCALE - On a scale of 1-10 I give Sy-Klone a 9.0 . Would've given him a perfect 10 if the spinning feature was back.
(7) FINAL ANALYSIS - Overall this is a great figure despite missing his classic action feature. Fans have the option of leaving the red ring on or off, depending on rather you prefer his 1980's look or the early 2000's look. The radar is extremely cool and I've always liked his yellow shield. I also think that Sy-Klone is one of the most colorful characters in MOTU, with some very nice shades of blue. I'm also glad the 4 Horsemen kept his lean physique and not make him overly buff. After all he is a character based on speed and quickness, therefore these type of characters should always be lean in stature. If you don't have him already, Sy-Klone is still worth adding to your collection despite the missing spinning action.

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