Sunday, April 20, 2014

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE !!! A look at old classic toy vehicles, antique items via window browsing.

First of all Happy Easter again . Despite the fact that this post is no tribute to Easter themed toys, I will acknowledge every holiday and special occasion on this blog rather there are themed toys or not. Now on to what this post is about. One day I was walking around the downtown area of Memphis,TN. when I came across this display. It looks like someone at this local State Farm Insurance office is a fan of old antique toy cars. It was a holiday and the office was closed. So I could not go inside and take pictures, so I took pictures outside the window display. I'm glad I had my camera with me that day on a pretty sun shiny but cold day.
It was kind of difficult to get some excellent shots with the glare of the Sun shining on the window, but I did the best I could.
My early photographic attempts were so glaring that you can even see my reflection of me kneeling down on one knee trying to get a good shot. After deleting several bad looking pictures, I was finally able to get some good shots in the pics below.
Look at all those classic antique toys. They're incredible. It was like going back in time. That gas station pump looks like it's right out of the nineteen twenties . How about that green train in the background?Neat huh?Although these toys are old, they are better looking in my opinion of some of today's stuff. Remember these are toys that our grandfathers probably played with when they were kids. 

How about those motorcycles, and that van ? Very cool . Also that red pickup truck next to one of the cycles is very reminiscent of Sanford and Son, lol ( laugh Out loud ) . I wonder can the doors open on that van . 

I just love that old classic looking fire truck. It looks like it's big enough to hold six inch action figures. I wish I knew the names of the toy companies/ company that made these toys but I do not . If I did I would tell you here, but maybe some of you can help me identify them. As always we all have the luxury of visiting Ebay and purchase these exact toys ourselves .Again I tried to get a good shot but it was very tough to do with a very bright Sun that day. Had it been cloudy I might could have gotten in some better shots. However I did not want to wait around for a cloudy day, I wanted pics of those toys right there at that exact moment. After all you never know what people may decide to do next, as the thought came to me that the person that put these toys there might take them  home the next day, and the toys may no longer be there when I return on another day. Thus explaining my reasoning of taking those pics that exact day. I hope you all enjoyed this post and again everyone have a Blessed Easter !!!