Monday, April 28, 2014

Rocky Balboa .VS. Balrog in a Boxing Match

I had a lot of fun putting these pics together. Displaying them in the fight poses and taking the pictures. My very first fictional boxing match . Between two fictional characters at that . One is from the world of movies, that being Rocky . And the other is from the world of video games, that being Balrog, the Street Fighter franchise to be exact . I hope you enjoy these snapshots as much as I did putting them together . I even displayed both of them knocking each other down at some point, as I have no idea who I think would win if they fought .


  1. Nice. Is that the Rocky figure from Rocky Balboa/ Rocky 6?

    I have a feeling that while Balrog would initially get te upper hand, Rocky would definitely come back and finish the fight at the last minute. That's just how Rocky rolls!

  2. Thanks man. That is a Jakks Pacific Rocky Balboa figure based on Rocky 2 . You're right about Rocky coming back as he always has against his opponents in the movies.

  3. Awesome! And i like that ring that they are into is it from the same series as the Rocky figure?

  4. Thanks John yes that ring is also a Jakks Pacific Rocky ring .