Sunday, April 5, 2015

HAPPY EASTER !!! Dollar Store Finds Part Four .

First Happy Easter Everyone !!! Hope everyone enjoys the day . Here's a small review of a couple of robot figures I purchased at a local dollar store . A local Dollar Tree to be exact .

As you can see they are labeled " Robots Lazerbot " . Two different colored robots , one is a mixture of black and silver and the other is almost completely silver . Their special action feature is a light up feature. As you can see a hole was cut out in the back, they were like that in the store when I purchased them . I assume this was done so that the buyer can test the action features before purchasing the figures . Also noted on the front of the packaging is the articulation description of the figures. The arms, legs, and head do indeed move in a limited way . The heads turn side to side, no up and down head movement . The legs and arms move up and down, back and forth . No outward movement for the limbs . Now for a look at the figures out of the packaging .

As you can see they are right around the six inch height scale and they come with some nice weapons . They do not have the luxury of being displayed with all three of their weapons at once, so you have multiple display options due to the extra weapons . Speaking of the accessories here's a closer look at them .

The rifles are double barreled , and the shields look like they come right out of the Star Wars franchise . I love the designs of the weapons and the robots . The swords also have a very unique distinctive design from an average looking sword . Now for a look at their light-up glow in the dark action features .

I love toys that with light up features. Sometimes the light is red with most toys with this feature , but in this case both robots display blue glowing light from clicking a button on their backs . Now for a look at these robots being displayed with figures from another toy line . Well, actually one of them instead of both.
Here's one of the robots being displayed with two Marvel Legend female figures that I have already reviewed on this site, Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel . Compatibility with other figures is a huge luxury of these dollar store figures. If you want your Doctor Doom Marvel Legends figure to have some robot warriors in his army, these guys make great army builders due to the close height scale . Good luck to everyone in finding these figures if you are interested in them . I hope you all enjoyed this review and again Happy Easter again and enjoy the holiday .


  1. Good observation John . I never thought of Gundam but since you mentioned it the designs of these robots do resemble Gundam bots .

  2. Hope I'm not too late to comment, but I got one of these at a Gas Station in Upper Michigan and immediately saw it as a robot from the Gundam franchise. This one is more specifically the Impulse Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.

    I'm not too surprised that I found Gundam knockoff toys since my YouTube friend joshuagundamu has a whole collection of them!