Monday, January 4, 2016

Action Figure Imagery Toy Reviews will now have PAID Contests for just $ 3.99 at Actomix Toys & Comics !!!

Don't worry, the FREE contests will still happen here . However cheaper toys will be given away here for free. At Actomix Toys and Comics , more expensive toys will be given away for just $ 3.99 a month . At Actomix Toys and Comics , there will be contests for carded Masters of the Universe Classics, carded Marvel Legends , carded Transformers , carded WWE Mattel , etc . You can win super hero comic books too, however since this is a toy site, we'll stay on topic .

So it all comes down to this scenario - low priced toys will still be given away here in FREE CONTESTS such as 15 dollar toys or less , whereas high priced toys that cost 20 dollars or more, will have the PAID CONTESTS .

To enter the paid contests , you can join this site .

( NOTE ) Once the site reaches 400 subscribers/members, everyone subscribed will have more options to select toys and comics beyond the contests. There will be categories that will allow people to select any toy or comic on a " first come / first served basis " . Also , the more subscribers the site gets, the better the prizes. If it ever reaches 1000 subscribers, expect to see a Carded Castle Grayskull as one of many expensive prizes. The money made with the subscriptions will be used to purchase the super expensive toys to be given away !!!

To keep up to date on what toys are available , you can keep coming back here or join the Actomix Toys & Comics Facebook page . The url for the Facebook page is  .

As for what exactly is Actomix Toys & Comics ? I'm sure you already have a pretty good assumption of what it's about from the descriptions above . I'll explain  still what Actomix is about .

The name "Actomix" is a combination of the words action figures, toys, and comics . The "Act" represents "action figures". The "to" represents "toys". Finally, "omix" represents comics , with the last letter c being transformed into the letter x , for creativity purposes . Put these three parts together and you got " Actomix" !!!

In the Actomix Connectpal site, there are contests held every month along with two non-contest categories where one can choose any toy or comic book they want . The following are descriptions of each .

In the category labeled " Pick-a-Toy" , also known as " PAT " , there will be anywhere from five or more toys displayed . Members can choose any toy they want .The first member to point out which toy they want gets that toy. In this category , everyone is allowed to pick only ONE toy each.

There is also " Pic-a-Comic", aka "PAC" . In this category, the same rules apply as Pic-a-Toy , just with comic books being represented instead of toys and action figures.

Pic-a-Lot is a category with two different subtitles  . One is called - " Pic-a-Lot-of toys" and the other is called " Pic-a-Lot-of comics . Same rules apply to both versions . In each version , there may be 5 to 10 toys or comics displayed. Whomever responds to that post first gets all of those items.

Then there are the regular contests. The same rules apply to these contests as the ones here at Action Figure Imagery Toy Reviews . The FIRST person with the correct answer or answers wins the prize at hand .

Updates will also be given on the Actomix Twitter Page . The web address for that page is .

So be on the lookout here too when the first set of toys and comics are ready to be given away on the Actomix Connectpal site . Good luck to all whom participate !!!

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