Sunday, June 26, 2016

Action Figure Imagery Toy Reviews plans on doing Youtube Reviews in future .

However I am thinking of doing both video reviews along with the written reviews here . There are no plans to discontinue working here on this blog. The blog will continue. After all, everything is not in place just yet to do video reviews. I have the type of camcorder that I want to use however other factors weigh in when doing video reviews such as .................................................

(1) I need to purchase a good tripod .

(2) Need to think of a good time when to do the video reviews . Family and friends interrupting by calling are factors that determine when to film.

(3) I need to purchase a small microphone. People on Youtube videos or any video with mics can be heard better than ones without mics.

(4) I need space and more room for lights when doing reviews at night .

So when all of those things mentioned above are taken care of video reviews of toys can be done, along with the continued work here .

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