Monday, August 7, 2017

Comic Book Toy ads from the 1970s !!!

Besides action figures, I collect and read super hero comic books also as a hobby. Below are two old ads from some old Marvel Comics . These were the good old days of advertising. Back when artists drew pictures of the action figures instead of taking photos of them .
Apologies for the crooked scan . After about 3 or 4 attempts this is the best attempt for a straight page.Above you see advertisements for some Buck Rodgers figures and Lord of the Rings. I was shocked to see the Lord of the Rings figures, because I thought that the LOTR  ( Lord of the Rings ) figures made by Toybiz were the only LOTR figures that existed . I did not know that there were LOTR figures from the 1970s, but now thanks to this ad I do now . Now for a look at real pictures of these toys . First the Buck Rodgers figures . The Buck Rodgers figures are in the three inch scale range according to the ad . The ad does not mention the height of the Lord of the Rings figures .
The above pic is courtesy of a Youtube Channel known as VINTAGE TOY REVIEW . The above pic is NOT my pic . Here's a link to the review of the figures - . Below is a real life picture of the above mentioned Lord of the Rings figures, instead of a drawing of them .
The above pic is NOT mine . It belongs to . Those are the 1970s LOTR figures in real life .  Now for a look at another ad from the same old comic .
I'm sure plenty of you remember seeing these . To see what these soldiers look like in REAL LIFE you can view this YOU-TUBE  VIDEO . I hope you all enjoyed this article .

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