Thursday, December 28, 2017

Stranger Things - Eleven Review !!! Six inch thru 7 inch Scaled Version .

From the NetFlix series known as " Stranger Things " , here is the McFarlane Toys action figure of the character known as "Eleven" . Not to be confused with the smaller scaled figures that came out earlier in the year, this version of Eleven is in the six inch / seven inch scale . I purchased this figure of Eleven at a local GameStop store at the price of $ 19.99 as you can clearly see on the packaging .

As you can see Eleven comes with a variety of accessories . An eggo waffle , a blond wig , two extra pair of hands with one open palm and closed fist,a figure stand and finally a walkie talkie AKA a CB radio .
As for the face sculpt, I think it is nicely done and I love how realistic looking it is . My only complaint is that I do not like the idea of her looking like a male . It's not the actress that plays her however that looks masculine, just the figure. If you Google "Eleven Stranger Things" there are some pictures that will appear with the actress that plays her looking feminine, even with the short hair . The spot or blemish under her nose should be less visible also . Other than those gripes the face sculpt is near perfect . 
As for the accessories, the wig fits perfectly onto Eleven's head . It slides on and off very easily . The Walkie Talkie can only be held by the right hand that has a peg on it . There's a hole in the back of the radio where the peg in her hand goes, so Eleven can always hold her radio without worry of dropping it . The waffle on the other hand, if you want to display her with it you'll have to use one of the open palm hands and twist the wrist upwards so that the waffle is laying in her hand. The waffle looks the same on both sides and does not have a whole in it . The smaller 3.75 inch Eleven figure not only comes with an Eggo waffle but also an Eggo waffle box . The CB radio is nicely detailed . It's designed just like the real thing with all of the buttons . 
This is the figure stand that every figure of this line will come with .  A clear figure stand without the words may be great if you want to stand your figures without the stand being notable .
Eleven has a hole under her right foot where you can stand her on the figure stand .
As you can see Eleven's wig is a perfect fit. 

I don't know if it's just me, but even with the wig on Eleven still looks kind of masculine . However she does look feminine when you view her from side views with the wig on , compared to facing the camera with it on . 
As you can see this version of Eleven is just a tad over five inches tall and a tad under six inches tall . Eleven's dress is nicely detailed with the dirty stains. Now I'm not saying that a piece of dirty clothing looks good by no means, I am referring to the " REALISM " added to the figure by wearing a dirty stained dress . The shoes and socks also look like they may be a little dingy , however when it comes to toys this is a good thing because of the realism . Also look real closely and you can also see the wrinkles and creases in her jacket . Even more realism .
Above a pic of Eleven holding the radio . The arm can easily be posed where you can display her as if she's talking into it or listening to it . Back to Eleven's blond wig , you can also use it on other action figures in the same size scale as evidence is below with The DC Comics Multiverse prisoner Lex Luthor figure .

As you can see the wig fits really well onto Lex . Although it's less snug on his head than hers. Seeing these pics may want many customizers to purchase some extra Lex Luthor prisoner figures, so they can pretend to have different prisoner characters. Especially if they decide to purchase extra Eleven 's just for the wigs and color the wigs different colors for each Luthor figure . I even posted comparison shots of Luthor with and without the hair , so that you can decide if it's a good idea or not to purchase extra Lex figures or extra Elevens because of this . Also in the comparison pic below of Eleven and Lex side by side , Lex in my opinion still looks like a man despite the feminine hair style . As a matter of fact, I do not even think that the hair itself looks feminine on him . It just looks like an ordinary guy with a lot of hair but still looks masculine . 
                                                             FINAL    THOUGHTS   
(1) ARTICULATION  LIMITS  -  No ab crunch . The hard plastic dress makes it difficult to move the legs outward . A very small amount of downward head movement with no upward head movement .

(2) STANDING  ABILITY  - The figure stands well on smooth wooden surfaces without the foot stand . On rougher less smoother surfaces the foot stand may be needed .

(3) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - The blond wig is great for customizing bald figures in similar scale to Eleven , such as Lex in the pictures above . I love the accessories, her walkie talkie/cb and waffle are the best . The figure comes in handy as a civilian character such as toy photography which includes people in an audience such as a wrestling match, etc .

(4) WHAT  I  LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - The hard dress restricts outward leg movement . I hate that she still kind of looks like a guy, even with the wig on . Don't like the scar/ blemish under her nose, over her upper lip .

(5) WHAT  COULD  HAVE  BEEN  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THE  FIGURE ? - Make the dress out of a soft rubbery plastic instead of the hard plastic that it consists of . Give her a more feminine look .

(6) GRADING  SCALE - This figure gets a minus for the hard dress restricting leg movement , and two other minuses for my other dislikes, the blemish under her nose and the manly face . I say an even 9.0 is nice. Still a very cool figure otherwise .

(7) FINAL  ANALYSIS - Great job McFarlane Toys on these Stranger Things figures . Keep up the good work !!!


  1. Hey ,just wanted to give you a heads up I was just in a Walmart in Knoxville TN that had 5 of the Walmart exclusive Black Panther in stock. It's the first time Iv seen it so it should be showing up in your neck of the woods soon.

    1. Hey THANKS BRO MIDNIGHT !!! I appreciate the heads up !!! Because I am definitely looking forward to that Black Panther wave . Good luck to you in finding some without having to search the internet such as Ebay, etc .