Monday, March 26, 2018

My Toys R Us liquidation sale hauls !!!

The items I purchased at the beginning of Toys R Us liquidation sale were sold at 10% off the original price . I purchased two Marvel Legends Toys R Us exclusives and one Star Wars Black Toys R Us exclusive .  Below are pics of the items I purchased .

Below is my receipt so that you can see how much I saved . Hopefully this post can let many of you decide if the Toys R Us Liquidation sale is worth it .
As you can see I saved $ 11.00 on three items . Even though eleven dollars is not much, now is a good time to visit your local Toys R Us to take advantage of these sales, before they close . Just like my situation, I was able to buy an old item that came out a few years ago, referring to the Marvel Legend three pack . So take advantage of those discounts if you choose to and enjoy your toy hunt !!!

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