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Pros and Cons of the SOTA Street Fighter figures !!!

The Pros and Cons series continues with another toy line that is discontinued. The Street Fighter Sota Toys series . There are quite a few companies that have made or are currently making six inch scaled Street Fighter figures . Among them are Neca , S. H. Figuarts , Storm Collectibles , and Sota . Out of all of the companies to make Street Fighter figures in six inch scale I think that Sota has done the best job and I'll explain why as of now.

                                         The  Pros of  Sota Street Fighter figures
                                      (  The  Positives ) 

( 1 )  THE   FIGURES  COME  WITH  EXTRA  HEADS  AND  EXTRA  HANDS  -   I know a lot of today's toy lines do this same thing . However when it comes to an extra head , nine times out of ten the pair is almost always a masked head and an unmasked head . Whereas with the Street Fighter Sota figures you get different facial expressions with the alternate heads. For example , Balrog comes with one head where it seems that he is displaying a sinister grin , and the other head looks as if he is angry . This is a nice luxury for toy photography, just in case you want the figures displayed with a variety of emotions .

( 2 )  THE  FIGURES  COME  WITH  SOME  COOL  ACCESSORIES  -   Lots of today's figures do also. However with the Street Fighter Sota figures , for example, Guile . Not only did Guile come with his dog tag and a comb for his hair, but he also came with his famous " sonic boom " attack beams. So not only do you get a character's regular accessories, but also some of their powers in plastic form also . Not to mention animals too, because Ibuki comes with her pet raccoon and Thunder Hawk with his eagle. Also not considered an accessory , but the figures also come with a poster like sheet showing other toy lines and figures that are not Street Fighter made by Sota Toys . So overall some nice bonus goodies to go along with the alternate heads and hands .

( 3 )   SEVERAL  CHARACTERS / FIGURES  HAVE  VARIANTS  OF  THEMSELVES -  Although I'm not a big fan of variants myself , this is good for those that are . For example you can purchase three different versions of Cammy . Not only can you get her in her original green outfit, but also in pink and blue .

( 4 )  NO  SHARED  BODY  PARTS  OR  BODY  MOLDS  -  In most toy lines, both old and current there will be characters / figures that share the same torso, the same arms , etc . However this is not the case with the Street Fighter Sota figures . Each figure is designed with their own original parts .

( 5 ) EVERYONE  IS  IN  SCALE  HEIGHT  WISE  AND  STATURE  WISE -  All of the figures are proportioned correctly just like they are in the famous video game franchise .

( 6 )   THE  PACKAGING  OF  THE  FIGURES  -  Other than different colored packaging for different figures , there are some that display drawn arcade buttons on the front , and on the back there are some with what resembles a character selection menu . I think this is a nice nod and sort of like a tribute to the video game franchise itself .   This is great since Street Fighter's true roots are video games , and not toys and action figures .

( 7 ) THE  FIGURES  SEEM  TO  BE  MADE  OUT  OF  A  NICE   HARD  PLASTIC  WITH  TIGHT  JOINTS -   Although not  all figures  have " super " tight  joints but at least you don't have to worry about " bobblehead type looseness" with ab crunches , knee joints , etc . Plus is it just me or does the plastic seems like a nice hard plastic that feels different from other toy lines ? The plastic feels right and the figures have a nice sturdy feel to them without any signs of being fragile .

( 8 )  THE  FIGURES  HAVE  BETTER  ARTICULATION  THAN  A  LOT  OF  TODAY'S  FIGURES -  Including Hasbro's Marvel Legends . Excellent all around articulation exists in these figures .

( 9 )  THEY  FIT  IN  WELL WITH  MARVEL  LEGENDS  AND  OTHER  SIX  INCH  SCALED  LINES  -  However I'm putting more emphasis on the Sota Street Fighter figures fitting in well with Marvel Legends more than I am any other toy line . The reason why is because of the " MARVEL  . VS . CAPCOM " video game series . Thanks to a combination of Sota Street Fighter figures and Marvel Legends collectors can now display half of the characters from that popular video game series upon their display shelves .

( 10 )  TONS  OF  MULTIPLE  DISPLAY  OPTIONS  - Because of all of the extra heads and hands, along with the accessories allow for various multiple display  options  .

That's  it for the Pros. And now for the Cons .

                  The  Cons  of the Sota Street Fighter figures 
                               ( The  Negatives ) 

( 1 )  NOT  EVERY  STREET  FIGHTER  CHARACTER  GOT  MADE -  Unfortunately Sota did not get around to every single character . Hopefully one day soon all of the characters will have six inch scaled figures of themselves if not by Sota than maybe by some other company .

( 2 )  A  LOT  OF  THE  FIGURES  ARE  NOW  VERY  EXPENSIVE  -  This occurrence however happens with all toy lines as they age, especially a discontinued one .

Alright folks that's it for the article . But before I go let me leave you with some Street Fighter Sota figures in fighting action . Thunder Hawk versus Balrog . For your entertainment .

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