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Marvel Legends - Grey Gargoyle Review !!!

The Grey Gargoyle is a "first time in the line" figure . This is another character I have been wanting a Marvel Legend of since the Toybiz days. I wanted a Legend of him because of his cool super power, plus because also his appearance in the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance video game made me want an action figure of him . Now that he's finally here, I like the figure but is not overly impressed with it . You will see why as you read further . I purchased this figure of the grey Gargoyle at a local Walmart for around the $ 19.99 price range . Grey Gargoyle is a part of Captain Marvel build- a - figure Kree Sentry series .

 If you're having difficulty seeing the bio it says " Dr. Paul Duval discovers his ability to turn his body to stone and becomes the transmuting mercenary , Grey Gargoyle !
 As you can see Grey Gargoyle comes with the head of the build-a-figure Kree Sentry .
 Also this is something different . Hasbro is now putting extra clear shell casings in front of the figures whereas past figures have no up front shell casings. This is a smart move in my opinion because it keeps figures from getting damaged while in transit .

 I think the best luxuries of this Grey Gargoyle figure is that there are some new body molds for some parts on him. The feet are new to my knowledge and have never been used before on another figure. My main gripe over the Grey Gargoyle is that I wish he had a stone/rock like texture over his entire body to give him a stone like appearance, staying true to the character's main gimmick of being a living creature literally made out of stone. Instead he looks like a flesh human being with grey paint scattered all over his body and face, with no rocky textures . Overall he is a cool figure.
An up close look at the Gargoyle's face . You can see his mustache if you look closely enough . I'm not a fan of the facial expression because he is a villain and why are the villains smiling? I know it's supposed to be a sinister or mischievous smile however I prefer the bad guys to not be smiling period . I grew up with the old school mentality that only the good guys/ heroes should be smiling and the villains/bad guys should be looking angry, and I still feel that way today . 

The Grey Gargoyle's cape looks great . It is a rubbery plastic that is not too soft or hard . Plus it can be removed and placed back on . His belt is movable also . 

 As you can see the Grey Gargoyle stands at a little bit over six inches in height .
Even though I like the Grey Gargoyle action figure, the above pic is the look I wish the toy had . With the blue mask ,blue cape and blue shorts/ trunks, to go along with his boots and gloves. On the figure only the gloves and boots are colored blue, whereas everything else is grey . I think the above look on that comic would have been more cooler looking than what the current figure looks like . In my opinion all of the greys kind of give the figure a bland look .
                                                    FINAL   THOUGHTS 

( 1 ) ARTICULATION  LIMITS  - No limits excellent all around articulation. Even the head can move all the way up and down .

( 2 ) STANDING  ABILITY  - Since the figure is flat footed he stands well when in a proper stance.

( 3 ) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - His cape is nice. Nice all around articulation and the luxury of having a " first time in the line " character in the series that has a cool super power, turning just about anything into stone. He is also a member of one of the " Masters of Evil teams, so if you are looking to add more members to that famous Marvel villain team now you can .

( 4 ) WHAT  I  LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - I have two dislikes about this figure however one of the gripes can be corrected with customization . (a) Dislike number one is that the mask , shorts and cape are NOT colored blue like the gloves and boots. The figure is almost basically 90-95% grey in color, and I think this appearance gives him somewhat of a bland and almost boring look. However this is the dislike that can be corrected by customizing / coloring those parts to match the gloves and boots, giving him a cooler look . ( b ) My second gripe is since the Grey Gargoyle is made of stone I think he should have a rocky texture or appearance which he does not . As previously mentioned a rocky like textured appearance would be great for his gimmick .

( 5 ) WHAT  COULD  BE  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THE  FIGURE ? - Color his mask, trunks and cape the same color as his gloves and boots. Give the figure a rocky stone like texture .

( 6 ) GRADING SCALE - On a scale of 1-10 I think a 9.5 is decent . The minuses are for what I mentioned about my previously mentioned dislikes of being bland looking without a rocky texture . Other than those gripes the Grey Gargoyle is a cool figure .

( 7 ) FINAL  ANALYSIS - Despite the gripes it is always great to get a new figure in the lineup. If you're like me about the coloring some parts to match the color of the gloves and boots, it is up to you rather you want to customize the figure yourself or pay a customizer to do it for you. Also some advice if you decide to do it yourself I would recommend purchasing another Grey Gargoyle Legend just in case if you are worried about messing up the original .

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