Friday, April 12, 2019

Bargain Hunt Deals Part One !!!

The following are three toy bargains I purchased from the discount store known as Bargain Hunt . The three are a PooPeez set, WWE Mattel Tito Santana and a Zorn action figure by Funko . It's amazing of how much of a discount you can get at discount stores, compared to the original prices, not just toys but any product . So if there is an old action figure that you want and do not have, check out your local thrift stores and discount stores before searching on Ebay or Amazon . You may be surprised at what you find, just like I was surprised at the wonderful prices .
These prices are fantastic!!! They look like 1980 prices of toys back in the day . The above toy is known as The Porta Potty Multi-Pack however those words have been covered up by the price tag .
Looks like I saved about ten dollars on this Tito Santana figure . With the average price of WWE Mattel figures at or around $19.99 to 20 dollars. GREAT DEAL !!!
I do not know the original price of Zorn , however six dollars is a deal no matter rather it's the original price or a discount .
The outhouse is the only reason I purchased the Poo-Peez  set , and not for the characters . I think those little characters are for kids and I'm too old for those . However I do not have the same feeling about the blue outhouse because it is a cool looking accessory that goes great in action figure photography with six inch scaled action figures .

My main reason for purchasing the Tito Santana figure is so that I can get closer to completing the good guy side of Hulk Hogan's Rock N Wrestling team . Even though all of the members of both Roddy Piper's team and Hulk Hogan's team from the cartoon have not been made yet into WWE Mattel figures at the time of this writing , it's great to have Tito in the collection finally . 
Besides wanting another member of Hulk Hogan's Rock N Wrestling, Tito is a great figure and has a cool shirt also . Now on to the Zorn figure .
As you can see there are two figures of Zorn, one known as Office Zorn and the other known as Warrior Zorn . The Bargain Hunt I went to did not have Warrior Zorn but at least an Office Zorn was available .
As I'm sure most toy collectors already know that Funko has been making toys recently in the same style as the old vintage Masters of the Universe figures .Everyone from their Mortal Kombat figures to this guy known as Zorn .  So I pulled out an old school He-Man vintage figure for comparison . Plus it seems like that some of Zorn's looks are based from He-Man anyway, however in a modified fashion . Almost the same type of hairstyle, but modified in how it's worn . Zorn's sword compared to He-Man's sword among other similarities between these two characters .
Even though the Funko franchise are making action figures in the vintage He-Man style, if you take a good look with the side by side comparisons you can see that both Zorn and He-Man are NOT the same mold. A totally new mold . These Funko figures are not reused Masters of the Universe vintage molds. Notice that Zorn is also bigger than He-Man . Bigger arms and a bigger upper torso .
Wow I did not know Zorn had a bald spot , LOL ( laugh out loud ) . Humor aside , I like the holster for his sword .
For those of you not familiar with Zorn this figure is based from the live action television show called the Son of Zorn in 2017 . It lasted only one season with only 13 episodes .
A look at how the vintage He-Man looks with Zorn's sword . The above pic is also perfect evidence of new molds by Funko . Even his hands are much larger than He-man's hands .
Two cool accessories that Zorn comes with . Good luck everyone with your toy hunting and hopefully you too will catch some great deals like I did on this day at Bargain Hunt .

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