Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Just made my first and only sale on recently .

For those of you not familiar with Teepublic , it is an online store where ANYONE can make money selling t-shirts or other products using their designs. I mentioned my only sale because it is toy related . A Thunder-Punch He-Man tank top . Below is a look at it .
If you are interested in ordering a shirt , here's the link  ---- .

Also I made a Sy-Klone t-shirt .
If you want a Sy-Klone Shirt here's the link  ---   .

As you can see I used the colors to match the look of the character's colors. Since Sy-Klone's armor is blue a blue t-shirt is perfect . And Thunder Punch He-Man has red armor so therefore a red tank top to match his colors . Below is a pic of the first and only aforementioned sale .
Hopefully more sales are on the way . I'm sure no one gets excited over 2 dollars .

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