Sunday, June 23, 2019

DollarTree finds June 2019 !!!

The following is a brief summary of a couple of figures I purchased at a local Dollar Tree . ( NOTE ) This is more of a brief summary than an actual figure review.

 This polar bear figure has no articulation . However it has good realistic features such as the fur along with the face . This is a neat polar bear figure for those of you that like to add animal figures to your collection . If you have any Animal Planet polar bear figures this figure will fit in really well with them . You can pretend that this figure is a baby polar bear if you have any larger polar bear figures . The company responsible for this figure is known as Greenbrier International , a company known for making dollar store figures .

 This military figure is also done by Greenbrier International . The same company made both of these figures in this post . This soldier as you can see comes with two rifles and backpack military gear. The only points of articulation are the arms and legs move up and down , and his head turns side to side . Greenbrier International has made quite a bit of these army figures in the past , so if they keep on coming a collector can have themselves a nice number of of soldier figures to army build with .

 As you can see his weapons can be used by your average Marvel Legends figure , or any figure around the six inch scale size range .
As you can see the soldier stands at a little over five inches tall . Despite that he can still fit in well with smaller six inch scale figures . One can just pretend that he's just a short guy .

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