Sunday, July 28, 2019

My favorite San Diego Comic Con 2019 Reveals !!!

(  NOTE  )  The pics posted in this post DO NOT belong to me. Credit is given to the websites known as Toyark , The Fwoosh, Ringside Collectibles and . Below are pictures of some of my most favorite reveals from this year's show from certain toy lines . I also include small dialogue on certain figures .  The toy lines featured are in no particular order - Marvel Legends , WWE Mattel , Star Wars the Black Series and DC Multiverse .
                                         First the WWE Reveals
 Love the accessories he comes with .
 Looks like another cool looking Trish Stratus figure is on the way .
 Classy Freddie Blassie finally debuts in the line.
 A Gorilla Monsoon figure would be great to have in your commentator's booth .

 The third or 4th Ronda Rousey figure in the line looks pretty good.

 Chyna is finally on her way after all of these years. I've been wanting a figure of her since the line started back in 2010 .
 I hope the Hurricane comes with his cape . If not that's a disappointment but I'll still purchase this figure and add it to my collection .

 Love the hat almost as much as the figure itself .

 Old school Vince McMahon . Back from when he did ring commentary and interviewed wrestlers back in the 1980s .
 Another cool looking Lita figure on the way .

 Finally a referee figure .

 This is the best looking Becky Lynch figure in my opinion so far . Even though I have the first Becky Lynch figure they made, this version is way more up to date. I reviewed that first Becky Lynch figure back in 2016 and if you've missed that review here it is ------  BECKY LYNCH REVIEW
Greg " The Hammer" Valentine is finally on his way .
                                                NEXT  UP  -  Marvel  Legends
 Squirrel Girl is my favorite SDCC 2019 Marvel Legends reveal . Not only does the figure itself look really cool , but she comes with some cool accessories - a couple of squirrels and a motor scooter .
 I missed out on the classic Toybiz vulture so now is the time to add this character to my collection . I still plan on buying that rare Toybiz version one day though also .

 I'm not familiar with the character known as Dani Moonstar, however I will definitely be purchasing this figure to finally have Wolfsbane in the collection .
This Polaris figure looks much better than the first one in my opinion .
                                                        NEXT  UP  - DC  Multiverse
 Poison Ivy and the Michael Keaton version of Bat-Man .

 This Alfred figure is my favorite DC reveal . I love all of the extra heads that he comes with . I love the luxury to be able to display any version of Alfred . The accessories are nice too .
                                                        Finally the Star Wars Black Series
At the time of this writing it is not yet official that the Rancor figure is on his way, however he was displayed at the Star Wars Black booth .

Well, there you have it. Some of my favorite reveals from SDCC 2019 !!!

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