Monday, August 19, 2019

Toy News Post August 2019 !!!

The Masters of the Universe franchise has been on a roll lately . Lots of good stuff coming out for MOTU in the near future . A motion picture film in the works, a new comic book series due later in the year titled Masters of the Multiverse , new toys that are not MOTU Classics , the new Origins line and the mini figures along with Kevin Smith's Netflix adaptation called MOTU Revelation!!! Pixel Dan interviewed Kevin about the project and here's the link to that fun interview - . 

In other toy news the company known as Boss Fight Studio are working on six inch scaled figures of Lucha Libre wrestlers  . Now it looks like us collectors will have some extra figures from another line to display with our WWE Mattel figures . I definitely plan on buying these whenever they come out . Here's a link to the article courtesy of Toy News International - .

And finally , is there hope for a Toys R Us comeback ? This article also courtesy of mentions the opening of two stores along with re-opening their website - .

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