Sunday, October 20, 2019

Maven Collectibles 1/12 Scale female blank body and accessories Review !!!

For those whom may not know , Maven Collectibles is an independent online toy company that specializes in making blank female and male bodies for customization among other things . This post takes a look at their six inch scaled athletic female blank body . The blank bodies and the accessories are in separate packages, they do not come together . The blank body comes by itself and the default head is hair less. The hair pieces come separate in the accessories pack . At the time of this writing you can purchase one or more of these figures following this E-bay link -------- . 
 As you can see you can get you one for $21.50 with free shipping on E-bay . Then once received in the mail you have the freedom of transforming this figure into any female character that you choose, or leave it as it is . It's up to you and that alone is a luxury in itself .

 These figures have Marvel Legend like articulation . If you acquire the accessories then you will have the luxury of all types of multiple display options . Anywhere from six different hairstyles and multiple hand gestures .
 As you can see the figure stands right at an even six inches tall .
 Above is a pic of the exact same figure wearing one of the hair pieces from the accessory pack . The hair pieces can be inserted into a slot on top of the figure's head .
 Above is a look at everything you'll receive in the accessories pack . Also here is an E-Bay link to the Accessory pack -------
 Above the six different hairstyles you can use for the figure . As you can see there are two short hair pieces and four long ones .
 Five different head sculpts with different expressions . If you count the default head on the figure that makes six different head sculpt options combined .
 Ten hands. Make that twelve if you count the default ones on the figure .
 The above weapons are the only weapons available in the accessory pack . A pistol and a knife .
 If you want a barefoot female character , the feet above will do .  Overall I like the blank female body and the accessory pack mainly because they give everyone the options to make custom made action figures, and not just customizers .

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