Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Lots of Toy News as of late despite no Comic Conventions .

Despite the virus pandemic slowing things down , there have been some announcements the past few months with exciting toy news in my opinion .

Just visit , or The Fwoosh , my two most favorite toy websites for toy news .

(1) Just yesterday - We learned that a  MR. T figure will be joining the WWE Mattel line . For many whom may not know , T was a guess wrestler back in the 1980s for one of the Wrestlemanias . It'll be great if Mattel can produce more guess celebrities from their show.

(2) SIX INCH SCALED INSPECTOR GADGET FIGURES  - So far it's Gadget himself, his niece Penny and their dog named Brain, along with Chief Quimby .  No bad guys as of yet, hopefully Dr. Claw and his Mad Gang will get made .

(3)  COBRA COMMANDER announced as the latest G.I. Joe Classified figure .

(4)  A Retro Spider-man Marvel Legends Wave , with Gwen Stacy coming with a Mary Jane extra head. a Peter Parker figure with glasses , and Green Goblin with an unmasked Norman Osborn head .

( 5 ) Announcement of a new company known as Diorama Prints at .

(6) A six inch scale Dennis Nedry figure of Jurassic Park fame.

(7)  Six inch scaled UFC figures ???  Not sure about the scale yet but the company is Jazwares, and they are known for six inch scale figures more than any other scale.

Lots of other fun toy news are in the works also, however the above mentioned are main head liners in my opinion .

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