Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Man-E-faces was one of my favorite heroic warriors when I was a kid . He is also the very first action figure to be reviewed here on this blog. The reason he was one of my favorites is because his extra faces gave him different abilities beyond his human attributes. When he became a monster, he gained super strength. When he becomes a robot, his intelligence sky rockets to genius levels. I always felt that the old vintage figure was fun to play with but was also top heavy, meaning that the added girth of weight from chest on up made it kind of difficult to stand him up without falling. There is no issue whatsoever with top heaviness with the MOTUC version of Man-E as you can see in the pic he stands very well without any balance issues.

Also unlike the vintage 1980's figure or even the most recent 2000x version, MOTUC Man-E-Faces comes with six different faces instead of just three. In addition to the human , robot, and monster guises are the faces of He-Man , Skeletor , and Orko. I've done a side by side comparison of Man-E's face and He-Man's face. As I mentioned in the comparison one could just imagine that the He-Man face is Man-E's without his red mask.
And here are up close shots of the other heads.

Now on to my thoughts on how Man-E-Faces stands out category wise.
(1) ARTICULATION - The standard MOTUC articulation . Would've been extra cool if all of his heads could move up and down.
(2) STANDABILITY - Man-E stands fine without any balance issues. 
(4) WHAT DO I LIKE THE LEAST ABOUT THIS FIGURE? I have no complaints at all about Man-E-Faces.
(5) WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE TO MAKE THIS FIGURE BETTER ? Everyone else's face from the world of MOTU. But that would be asking Mattel to do too much, LOL. 
And finally, here's a pic of Man-E's bio....
As for his bio, it seems as if it is based on events that occurred in the mini comic that came with the vintage 1980's figure. My assumption is since Skeletor gave Man-E-Faces this magical potion, that Man-E's face changing powers is due to magic and not science, making Man-E-Faces a super hero powered by magic. Back to the figure itself, other than the extra faces the only other accessory to come with Man-E is his laser pistol. This time it is orange instead of red, but it still looks cool with more realistic details. OVERALL on a GRADING SCALE of 1-10 I give Man-E-Faces a 9. The only thing keeping him from getting a perfect 10 is the lack of up and down head movement. However this is not a major negative, still a great figure to add to your collection.

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