Sunday, March 16, 2014

HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY !!! Tribute to St. Patrick's Day 2014 .

Action Figure Imagery Toy Reviews salutes St. Patty's by paying tribute to action figures that are colored green or are wearing green clothing / outfits . This year's tribute is dedicated to four different franchises. They are WWE Mattel , Masters of the Universe , Marvel Legends , and DC Universe Classics . First up is a WWE Mattel tribute to one character / figure, Hornswoggle . There are several different versions of this guy, but since this article is a St. Patrick's tribute the leprechaun version of Hornswoggle will be reviewed here. By the way, this is my most favorite version of the character because of the cool looking bright green and orange mixture of colors . I'm just going to give a quick short review of this Hornswoggle figure. This is not the normal review with the extra categories, because I purchased this figure loose off of E-bay .

This is an excellent Hornswoggle figure. The articulation is great, he even has knee articulation since he's a midget. Before purchasing this figure I was thinking that he probably would not have the same articulation as an average WWE Mattel figure, but I was wrong. I thought the shorter the figure, the lesser the points of articulation . As you can see he's neatly decorated with removable hat, with the letter H located on a four leaf clover on his jacket, the H representing the first letter of his name. And if you want some action figures of some Leprechauns, this Hornswoggle figure is a great way to start . You customizers out there can use the body as a base, and customize the head if you don't want all of your Leprechauns to look like Hornswoggle .
The figure comes with everything you would expect a leprechaun to be packaged with except for a pot of gold .
Now on to the other St. Patrick tributes . Next is Masters of the Universe . Here are just a few notable green characters from MOTU .

Displayed in order are Mossman, Whip-lash , Megator and Kobra Khan . Other notable green characters not pictured are BattleCat, Leech , and The Goddess.
Now for some notable green characters and green wearing characters from the Marvel Universe .

The names of the figures not labeled are Madame Hydra, Titanium Man , Baron Von Strucker , The Lizard and  Smash Attack Doombot . As you can see there are plenty of green themed Marvel Characters .
Now for a look at some green themed DC universe characters .

 I know I said four franchises as dedication to St.Patrick's Day, but now I'm thinking five franchises. A St. Patrick's action figure tribute just would not seem complete without one more franchise , the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES . 
Without even a mention of the Ninja Turtles, let alone a pic of them, an action figure tribute to Saint Patrick's day would seem incomplete . Since St. Pattie's is a green themed occassion , along with the turtles being green , a turtle tribute to this special Irish holiday makes perfect sense . HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY !!!