Saturday, March 1, 2014

WIN these 15 FREE loose/incomplete Masters of the Universe figures from the early 2000s NOW in this CONTEST.

March is here and so is the Third Contest for winning free figures. Since no one gave the correct answer to the second contest, I will from now on put expiration dates on the contests. I will extend the deadline to the Second Contest to March 30 , 2014 . If no one gives a correct answer by that date, then that contest is over and I may end up with an extra carded Dove figure myself. To enter your answer for the second contest visit the February 2014 archive and click where you see DCU Classics Dove's name .
 Now here are the 15 FREE LOOSE INCOMPLETE MOTU 200x figures you can win.

                                 NOW here's the TRIVIA QUESTION you need to answer to win these figures.
You must be a member of this blog to answer the Trivia Question . To join click the two overlapping squares across from the " Join this Site" logo. This contest will expire on April 1, 2014 .
 Give your answers in the Comments section below. Good luck .


  1. This is a tough one but is it from the Arvin Sloane figure in the Alias TV show Figure Line?

  2. BeastOrko beat me to it but i was going to guess Arvin Sloane from the Alias toyline as well.

  3. Blinky the Simpsons playmates interactive toys originally came with mr. Burns figure.

  4. CONGRADULATIONS to BeastOrko !!! You are the winner of the contest !!! Thanks to John and Peter for also participating. BeastOrko you can e-mail me at to send me the mailing information I need to send the figures to .

  5. Way to go BeastOrko! Congrats. : )

    1. Thanks, John Gaither! As I was telling Action Figure Man, I remembered the figure from when it came out and for some reason the water pitcher and drinking glass stuck with me. Thanks again.