Monday, March 16, 2015

HAPPY SAINT PATRICK' S DAY !!! TRIBUTE to St. Patty 2015 Action Figure Style !!!

This year's St. Patrick's tribute puts the spotlight on three action figures that are Irish themed or has some kind of connection to the holiday one way or the other . Not to mention all of them are wrestling figures by the way. Irish themed action figures are kind of hard to find but here are three of these type of figures that I own in my collection .
This is Hornswoggle . I paid tribute to this figure in last year's St. Patrick tribute . I also did a small review on him . To look at last year's tribute click here
This WWE Mattel Hot Rod Roddy Piper is definitely one of the best Irish themed figures , with two cool Irish themed accessories , a Scottish bagpipe and a kilt  . This Piper figure also comes with a stand piece that plays his Scottish theme entrance music . He is from the " Defining Moments " series . He makes a great buy if you do not have him already .
Another Irish themed character is this Fit Finley figure from the WWE Mattel Elite series . Unlike Piper he and Hornswoggle are wearing green , in tribute to the holiday . The logo on his belly is also Irish themed , as it appears to be a four leaf clover with only three leaves . However saying "three leaf clover " just does not sound right LOL . That's it for now enjoy the holiday .


  1. Happy St. Paddy's Day....totally forgot about it.

  2. I'd totally buy a Hornswoggle figure in that Leprechaun costume if I saw one somewhere.

  3. Happy St. Patty's to you too John . Thanks !!! And Barbecue17 , there are a bunch of Hornswoggles on Ebay . Good luck in getting this version of him .