Sunday, August 16, 2015

Angella won the recent Marvel Legends Poll

If you have not heard it by now , the female character known as Angella will now officially be a Marvel Legend action figure . You can read the details here . Also, this is the figure I voted for anyway , and as proof here's a look back on what I had to say about the poll before it ended .


  1. Glad to hear Angella won! She definitely seems like she stands less of a chance at getting made than any of the other characters, particularly Black suit Spidey and Mysterio. How in the world did Spidey make it this far? Hasbro releases about 3-4 Spiderman variants in every SM Legends series. They'll get to him eventually.

  2. Me too I'm glad she won. Maybe we'll get a glimpse of her as a prototype before the year is over . As for the extra Spideys, there are already a lot of those from both Toybiz and Hasbro , I agree .