Monday, September 21, 2015

My Walmart Layaway for 2015 !!! Marvel Legends, Stars Wars Black, and Megatron !!!

Walmart is now having layaway till December . If there are some action figures that you want but do not want to spend too much money all at once , like myself , then head on over to your local Walmart and take advantage of the layaway opportunity . When no one was in the toy aisle but myself, I took my camera out and took these pics of my haul . I promise that I will review every single one of these figures by the time I purchase them out of layaway . I know that the majority of these figures if not all of them will have already been reviewed by other toy reviewers by the time I get to them . However I try to be different from other reviewers with my style and technique . NOT better, different . I'm not better than anyone, just different . Plus a late toy review is better than no review . After all, I love toys however I have to pay my bills too .  Here's my layaway haul .

Out of this haul , I am most excited about Combiner Wars Megatron and then the Star Wars Black figures . I've always wanted 1980 cartoon accurate Transformers, and with this Combiner Wars series, a wish has come true . To take these pictures, I did not have to use the flash on my camera . The bright white lights of Walmart made the flash feature unnecessary . I can't wait to review these toys for you once I get them out of layaway !!!

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