Sunday, November 22, 2015

Flea Market & Thrift Store Finds Part 3 !!!

The following are pics of some figures and toys purchased at a local Goodwill and thrift store.

I recognize the two characters from " Avatar - The Last Airbender" but not the other figures.

This Spider-mobile version is really cool and is one of my favorite items To my surprise however, this is not a Toybiz product . Underneath the vehicle Hasbro is seen and the year is 2012 . You can fit small action figures into each slot, especially when removing the hoods.

( NOTE ) Cheetara was not from a flea market or thrift store. I purchased her elsewhere, can't remember rather it was Target or Walmart . She is there for display purposes. She is in the six inch scale and as you can see that six inch figures may be a little bit too big for this car . Notice that Cheetara's knees had to be bent, and even with bent knees she still does not fit in properly. However five inch figures and shorter fit perfectly . That's it for this short article and  I hope you enjoyed the pics .


  1. The purple guys is a yugioh dark magician figure the other 3 are pokemon ,they are Pignite ( the orange pig looking one ) and the 2 green ones are Servine.The car is the Mega Battle Racer from the Amazing Spider Man Vehicle 2 Pack.The side cars pull off and the middle becomes a jet plane. Its missing the tail end that would come off and become a glider for the Spiderman figure that cam with it.

  2. WOW THANKS Bro Midnight !!! That was a ton of information I did not know. I thought the purple figure was a woman. That's a guy?? Also, I really appreciate the info on the car. I did not know the side cars separate and it becomes a jet.
    Now that you mentioned this, I will go to E-bay one day and buy me another Mega Battle Racer. This time complete while in the box. Thanks for also notifying me of the missing piece.

  3. Thanks John I think I like the car the best. Then secondly the two Avatar Air Bender figures.