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Marvel Legends Infinite Series - Thundra Review !!!

I was kind of surprised that I purchased this figure at a local Walgreens of all places . For around 20 plus dollars with tax included. This is Thundra's first time in the Marvel Legends line . These Hulk Buster Series figures are just now appearing at the stores locally where I live. The availability of Thundra also completes one of the versions of the Lady Liberators , one of several teams she has been a member of .

As you can see Thundra is paired in this series along with one of her Lady Liberator teammates, Valkyrie . Thundra is also one of the few big women, as in size, in the line. She's not a normal sized lady, as you'll discover in a moment . For now, below are pics of Thundra unboxed and out of the packaging. 

This is one cool looking figure. She is very muscular , she has a six-pack belly like a guy . Her belt is loose and can be rotated around or cut off with a pair of scissors . Some parts of her costume are kind of reminiscent of DC's super hero Shazam/ Captain Marvel . Like him she's wearing red with gold trimming, and I like the gold lightning bolts on her legs. The lightning bolts also are reminiscent of Shazam . Thundra has a small hole in her upper back, and I have no idea why that hole is there. Now for a look at the accessories that she came with . 
Above are the accessories that come with Thundra . The left arm of the build-a-figure Hulk Buster Iron-Man and her ball and chain weapon . Since both of Thundra's hands are opened fists, her weapon can be displayed in either hand . This is a great luxury to have with this figure because of the multiple display options, as the pics below illustrate . 

As you can see the weapon can be displayed upward, downward, and in either hand . As mentioned earlier  Thundra is one of a few bigger female figures around . The pics below illustrate her size .

Thundra was made correctly by Hasbro scale wise, because her Marvel Wiki profile lists her at 7 feet 2 inches  tall, whereas you can see that the toy is right around 7 inches tall . The first female figure Thundra is compared to is Ann O' Brien from the Legendary Comic Book Super Heroes series. Lots of similarities between her and Thundra. Similar size and height, they're both redheads and they both possess super strength as a power . In the final pic Thundra is compared to one of her Lady Liberator teammates , She-Hulk . She is supposed to be bigger than She-Hulk, according to the comics. In both of their Marvel Wiki profiles, She-Hulk is listed as 6"7 compared to Thundra at 7"2 . Hasbro made both of these figures above and I wonder did or do they realized their mistake . If not that's okay with me I still love both figures. Before Thundra was made, I was thinking that she might share the same body as She-Hulk, since they're both similar in size . Not just me, but I'm sure many other fans thought this as well . Well as you can now see, they do NOT share the same body . I'm glad that they do not. Thundra has her own newly sculpted body . 
I'm sure many of you recognize Thundra from this issue that is not all that old, it came out a few years ago. If you pay close attention , we now have Marvel Legends of every female character on that cover, with Thundra being the most recent addition . 


(1) ARTICULATION - She has the normal articulation that comes with the majority of today's female Marvel Legends . An issue with her like many others is that the hard plastic hair is once again somewhat restricting head movement . 

(2) STANDING  ABILITY - Position her upper thighs at a certain angle and she stands nicely. Stands really good on wooden surfaces. 

(3) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - The idea that Thundra's appearance completes one of the versions of the Lady Liberators . I love her outfit and her muscles, along with the option to pose her with her weapon in multiple display options . 

(4) WHAT  I  LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - There is nothing that I dislike about this figure . 

(5) WHAT  COULD  HAVE  BEEN  DONE  TO  IMPROVE THIS  FIGURE  ? - Softer hair so the head movement can be better . A real chain for her ball and chain weapon instead of plastic would have been nice. However a real chain would have also added on to production costs, so a plastic chain is cheaper to produce. 

(6) GRADING  SCALE - A Perfect 10 !!! Despite the flaws, I'm not bothered by them , thus deserving Thundra a perfect score. 

(7) FINAL  ANALYSIS - It's great to finally have a Marvel Legend figure of Thundra for two reasons. One is that I think she is a great looking figure with a nice outfit and cool weapon that allows multiple display and fight posing options. Two her induction into the line completes a group, a team . The Lady Liberators. 

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