Saturday, December 26, 2015

Create a WWE Superstar -Special Ops set - Roman Reigns Review !!!

This is one of my favorite WWE Create a Superstar sets. I bought this at a local Walmart for around 22 dollars and some change. For those of you whom may not know, Mattel has two types of these Create a Superstar sets. One type of sets has less accessories and costs less in price, whereas the other type of sets has extra accessories with  higher prices . This is my first time purchasing one of the higher priced ones and I'm glad I did.

Next time I'll make sure there is no clutter behind the package. I did not know my remote control to one of my dvd players was behind the box. Anyway back on topic , I mainly purchased this set because I like the accessories that come with this set .

As you can see there are lots of cool accessories , a taser stick , cybernetic arms , handcuffs , police shield , military helmet and a gas mask head . The handcuffs are perfect to use on other figures with slim wrists , such as the Amazing Spider-Man in the pics below .

The handcuffs are made out of a very soft rubbery plastic, so be careful not to stretch them too far or you might tear them . If you have a Big Boss Man figure from the elite series, the shield may look good with him to go along with his police uniform . See the pic below.
The shield is kind of loose in Boss Man's hand so it would be wise to raise his arm a little to keep him from dropping it . I guess stickers could be considered accessories too, and Reigns comes with quite a few tattoo stickers .
The wolf logo kind of reminds me of the logo used for the NBA Basketball Team Minnesota Timberwolves . Besides the tattoo sheet you also get the black and white instruction sheets.

Now for some more looks at the actual figure , Roman Reigns .

As you can see when fully put together this figure is almost 7 inches tall . When adding the military helmet onto the gas mask head, it kind of reminds me of Darth Vader , and the taser stick is almost reminiscent of a light saber . The only negative thing I have to say about this whole set is that the military helmet may be a little bit too small for Roman's head, or is it vice versa? Is his head too big for the helmet ? You can see what I mean in the pic above. Other than that this is a fun toy set with lots of cool accessories, and the actual action figure is cool as well . I definitely recommend that you buy this if you happen to bump into it .

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