Sunday, December 20, 2015

Flea Market & Thrift Store Finds Part 5 - Star Wars Grab Bag of Kenner figures. STAR WARS MANIA CONTINUES !!!!

As Star Wars mania continues this week with the new movie, I was lucky enough to bump into a pack of old Star Wars figures together in a bag at a local thrift store for under 5 dollars . Even though all of the figures are loose and incomplete , it is still a great find for such a great price. Here's what I purchased . As noted in the title of this post , all of these figures are made by Kenner , not Hasbro .
I forgot the names of these characters above but are familiar with them .
Luke and Leia are the only ones I recognize above .
I know Luke and Yoda . Do not know the bearded guy .
Two different Chewbaccas ??? Or is it two different figures of the same character ?
Luke and a couple of Ewoks . I hope you enjoyed these pics. That's it for now. Sorry for not knowing the names of all of the characters , I like Star Wars and the whole Star Wars franchise a lot , just like mostly everyone else. Although I do love Star Wars , I'm not super crazy about it though , thus explaining me not knowing everyone's name .

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