Tuesday, July 26, 2016

2016 San Diego Comic Con Mini Review flashback .

Now with the 2016 SDCC now over , there was a lot of stuff that caught my attention, however the following toy lines are what I mainly look for news for . They are WWE Mattel, Masters of the Universe Classics, Star Wars Black Series , DC Multiverse and Marvel Legends . Below are some pics of a few figures that I'm interested in from each line. ( NOTE ) The pics below are not mine. They belong to the websites , the and Pop Critica.

Of the Marvel Legends , I am excited the most about Dazzler and Jessica Jones . Jessica just looks cool, however I have been wanting a figure of the original Dazzler since the existence of the Toybiz line .

Star Wars Black is finally releasing actor Billy Dee Williams' character ,Lando Calrissian .  it's about time . I thought he should have appeared earlier in the series, since he's one of the earliest movie characters.  Can't wait for the new versions of Leia and Kylo Ren .

Of the new DC Multiverse figures, I really am looking forward to the King Shark figure you see above.

I have been wanting a figure of Tatanka since the WWE Mattel line started . However I'm not sure if he's going to be Elite or Basic . The female figure I'm looking forward to the most is Asuka, seen above .
As for MOTU Classics, there was news reported about the line but no pictures of new figures. The news is that the toy company known as Super 7 , who will be taking over the line from Mattel . The Four Horsemen will continue their work on the Classics.

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