Sunday, July 24, 2016

Female Ghostbusters Mattel Review !!!

This is a review of the four female Ghostbusters all in one review . All of these figures were purchased at a local Walmart .Patty Tolan , ( Leslie Jones' character ) was the first figure of the four that I purchased and I reviewed the Patty Tolan figure back in June . Here is the link to that review - . Now it is time to take a look at the other three . ( NOTE ) The real life pics are courtesy of other sites found on the web , used as reference comparisons with the toys . First a look at Jillian Holtzman , played by Saturday Night Live actress Kate McKinnon . One thing that all four of the women have in common is that they all have some sort of connection to Saturday Night Live .

I love the tinted yellow glasses and that you can see her eyes through them . However I think they are more goggles than they are glasses . They are glued to her face, so if you want to remove them it would take a lot of force to pry them off . Maybe it'd be best to purchase two Jillian Holtzman figures, one to leave as is and the other to display without the goggles . As you can see Holtzman comes with the torso of the build-a-figure known as Rowan. Next up is Abby Yates played by actress Melissa McCarty .

This Abby Yates figure is one of my favorites of the bunch. I love her regular glasses, plus she is the shortest lady of the group and also has the heaviest set body . As you can see she comes with the arms of the build-a-figure . Just like Jillian , Abby's glasses are glued to her face as well . Now for a look at Erin Gilbert , played by actress Kristen Wiig .

As you can see Erin comes with both legs of the build-a-figure Rowan . My only gripe about this figure is the paint job done on her left eye. On quite a few of the Erin figures I saw packaged , it looks as if the left eye paint job has somewhat of a bloated pupil. It is nothing to get too alarmed over however, as it is barely noticeable unless you look real close. Unlike Abby Yates' pony tail, Erin's pony tail can only be seen if you turn her head to the side, while you can see Abby's while she is facing you . Now for a look at various comparisons of these figures in the pics below .

In the above two pics of Jillian and Erin , I was shocked and surprised that both of these figures have different body sizes. When packaged, it looks as if these two are sharing the same body mold, but when you open them you'll notice that they are not. Erin is thinner than Jillian and the other ladies. She is the thinnest lady of the bunch . The above figures do NOT have any shared parts, which is GREAT !!! I love the variety in these figures. even the legs are different . Also I think that Jillian looks a little taller than Erin too .
Above you have the tallest female Ghostbuster, Patty Tolan , paired with the shortest female Ghostbuster, Abby Yates . In real life Leslie Jones is 6"0 feet tall . Melissa McCarty is 5"2 . So basically we are seeing a 5"2 person standing next to a 6 footer in action figure form . I just love how true these figures are to the real life people . Now for a group shot.
It feels great to add all four of them into the collection . I think one of the greatest luxuries of owning these figures is that they are all DIFFERENT !!! All four of them. No shared body parts, different heights and body sizes , etc . I hope future action figure lines continue this variety in figures. Also notice that Jillian has her shirt sleeves rolled up compared to the others having long sleeves. NICE JOB MATTEL !!! Now for a look at the build-a-figure known as Rowan .

Rowan is more of a great display piece than he is as an actual action figure , because his articulation is very limited . His head turns left and right, no up and down movement. Arms only move up and down . His legs, once you snap them in place onto his torso, do not move but his feet do move . I was also surprised at how small he is, he's seems to be the same height as Abby Yates . Despite the limited articulation he is still a nice figure to own, great for battle poses against any of the Ghostbusters, including the men . Overall I just don't understand all of the hate from fans against the female Ghostbuster franchise. There were even clearance sales on some figures in certain parts of the country, however I paid the full price of $ 19.99 including taxes on all four of the ones I own . I think these figures are fantastic and if you do not have them in your collection I suggest that you may want to .

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