Saturday, September 24, 2016

Max Steel movie on the way . The toys come to real life !!!

Next month in October the motion picture Max Steel movie debuts . The following is the link to the official trailer number one on Youtube .  The following is an official pic of an ad for the movie . Credit goes to the website known as . A link to the article with another preview is here - .

I reviewed action figures of the two main characters a long while ago, back in 2013. The first is a variant of Max Steel himself , called Boomerang Blast Max Steel at this link .

The following is also a variant of the villain , which you can catch the figure review at this link .
I'll admit it seems kind of odd to see Mattel's name shown right before the preview clip. It is rare in films to see toy companies given credit at the beginning of a movie. The actor playing Max seems to look like a perfect likeness to the Max Steel action figure .

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