Sunday, September 18, 2016

WWE Mattel - Elite Flashback Collection The NASTY BOYS Review !!!

Even though these two action figures did not come together , together they are known as one of the nastiest ( literally ) tag teams in WWE history . Brian Knobbs and Jerry Saggs, AKA as the Nasty Boys . I purchased both of these figures from a local Target for around 18.99 . Fist we'll have a look at both of them together , then individually .

When comparing these figures side by side, you'll notice that they share the same bodies and outfits. The only differences are the head sculpts and tattoos . The " Nasty Boys Shirts" can be removed by pulling upwards the crease line on the left side of the figures. Removing the jackets will be explained in a moment . If you look up the Nasty Boys on Wikipedia, you'll probably discover a ton of facts that you may have forgotten about or did not know, such as them being fired by WWE , and that they are probably named after Janet Jackson's " Nasty" song since she does use the term " Nasty Boys", plus they came out to the ring with her music at one time. Jimmy Hart is their former manager in real life, so if you have the above Elite Flashback Jimmy Hart in your collection you can pose/display him with his " boys". Now for a look at Brian Knobbs and Jerry Saggs individually . First Knobbs, then Saggs .

Both Knobbs and Saggs come with the same accessories , the jackets and glasses .

As already mentioned, the same accessories are with both figures, despite them not being packaged together . Many collectors may wonder why are tag teams sold individually ? Well, in WWE Mattel's case, some are and some are not. You will however find just about all of the women's tag teams packaged together, such as The Bella Twins. Now for a look at Jerry Saggs .

As you can see, even the packaging between the Nasty Boys are almost identical . The differences are the heights and weights listed , along with them replacing one another on their individual packaging .

To remove the jackets from the Nasty Boy figures, just follow the pic above. Remove the jackets by pulling back their arms, and pull on the bottom sleeves. The jackets are soft and rubbery, and the chains are movable also. As for both of the figures, even though they share the same bodies there are some nice similarities to the real life Nasties. The Mohawks are styled differently on the figures as they are on the real men. They both have tattoos of their names below their right elbows, and Saggs is displayed with his gap toothed facial expression that he is known for. The Nasty Boys are also former tag team champions, so a tag team championship belt to go with each one would have been nice, even though you can still display them with tag team belts that came with other figures . Since I'm reviewing both of these figures put together, there is no " FINAL THOUGHTS" for this review . However I'll implement some elements of "Final Thoughts" into this review . Grading Scale wise- I give both figures a Perfect 10 . Not just because of the figures, but the multiple display options they provide because of the accessories .
In a way, I think the " Nasty Boys" tank tops should be considered accessories also , since they can be removed . Since they are both heavy set figures there are no balance issues when standing them. Overall the biggest luxury of owning these Nasty Boy figures in my opinion - having one of the best tag teams in the history of WWE in the collection .

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