Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Figures that caught my attention from the 2017 San Diego Comic Con .

Even though this is strictly armchair coverage, I have never been to any of the Comic Con conventions, including this year . However I like a lot of stuff I saw from the following franchises - Masters of the Universe Classics , Marvel Legends , WWE Mattel  to name a few. Below is a small sampling of a few items that interest me. ( NOTE ) The pictures are NOT mine. They are courtesy of The Fwoosh .
In this MOTU Classics pic I am the most excited about finally getting a figure of Karg after all of these years . The others are nice too . Karg and Dylamug are probably my favorites revealed . Granita was mentioned by word of mouth but was not shown .
This is the Marvel Legend reveal that I am the most excited about . More Hydra soldiers to boost your Hydra Army . Plus they come with extra heads. So that you may want to buy three or more of these just for the extra display options . VERY COOL . Can't wait for these guys to hit the stores .
Some new figures of old characters that already have Marvel Legends will be coming with vehicles . Motor cycles to be exact . Very cool also .
It's great to finally get a six inch scale figure of Mera - the love of Aqua-Msan's life. Even though she's not old school comic book accurate , to be able to add her to our collection soon is a luxury in itself .
Of all of the WWE Mattel figures shown, the ones that I know for sure that I will buy are Ken Shammrock , D-Lo Brown and Miss Elizabeth in the green dress . There's more stuff I like too but this is it for now . Looking forward to the next comic con .

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