Wednesday, November 29, 2017

November 2013 Contest !!! Win 10 Dollars via Paypal !!!

This month's contest is very different from previous ones. I'm a toy fan just like you and I browse a lot of Facebook pages that are action figure related . One of my favorites is Michael Antsberg's Squared Circle Photography . This month's contest pic is from his site at .  Log in to Facebook and give him a follow . Usually the contests are to help you the fans win something, however this time I am looking for some help myself trying to identify the two figures with question marks around them .
TRIVIA  - Can someone tell me the names of the two figures that have the white question marks near them ? I want to add these figures to my collection . The girl with the dreadlocked hair and the camera man . Who are they and from what toyline are they from ?

The first correct answer wins 10  dollars via PayPal . I know many of you may be wondering how will I know the correct answers if I do not know myself ? The answer . All I have to do is GOOGLE your answers to me to see if they are correct . It does not have to be both of them , if you can tell me the identity of one of the figures you'll still win the 10 bucks if you're the first .

GOOD LUCK  TO EVERYONE !!! Contest expires December 31, 2017 .


  1. Its Neca The Hunger Games Rue and Gale .Im not 100% sure where the camera is from as it did not come with Gale to start with.

  2. THANK YOU BRO MIDNIGHT AND CONGRATULATIONS !!! I've researched your answers and they are correct. You're the first to respond and you are the November winner !!! I will Paypal you 10 dollars tomorrow evening .