Monday, November 20, 2017

ReadySetz Urban Playset Review !!!

I just purchased my copy a few weeks ago of this ReadySetz Urban Playset . You can go directly to the website and purchase one yourself at . If they sell out on you than good luck to you on Ebay, but hopefully they do not sell out . Let's hope ReadySetz can make some more in the future just in case . If it was not for Jay C from , I would not have known that this playset existed . You can visit his video review of the playset if you want before browsing and reading my review . The link to Jay C's ReadySetz Urban Playset review is here - . I plan to keep on reviewing not only just action figures , but anything that is ACTION FIGURE RELATED also . Even though this review does not match the title of this blog / website , it still relates to action figures .

The instructions on page one show you how to open the playset . The instructions on page two show how to close it and put it back in storage .
This thing looks great and it is so big . It's a little over three feet tall and I did not have enough space on my desk to display it , so I had to put it on top of this bed in the guess room .

If you have any old Spider-Man comics from the 1970s and 80s, you may remember Peter Parker going in and out of his apartment as Spider-Man through the sky roof enclosure. Now thanks to this playset you can now use any Spider-Man action figure to re-enact those moments .
I also love the billboard . I like how it's faded and looks weathered . This is very cool because of the realism , just like a real billboard may look like this over time due to inclement weather such as rain , snow , etc .
Blade standing near garage and on top of manhole cover . As Jay C from mentioned the manhole cover is great for Ninja Turtles pictures .

Great job on the sewer water . Excellent . Just like real sewer water it looks choppy and polluted with human waste . 
Above is the floor and window located above the garage .
Side view of the inside of the garage .
Garage view when the door is raised and opened . Notice the tool kits and work table .

As you can see the doors of this section easily open and close .
Speed Demon is up to no good as he tries to sneak in this restricted area . The door easily opens and closes .

Spidey versus Speed Demon .
Blade versus Kraven the Hunter .
Bird's eye view .
Side angle .

Kraven alongside the window located above the garage .

Extra pieces . These are the pieces used to create the ramps .

The playset is decorated all around . The back of it is NOT a blank piece of cardboard as you can see . Ver nicely detailed along with bright vivid beautiful colors .
The Helipad is located on the back of the same piece of cardboard that displays the billboard .  The great thing and probably the best thing about this Urban Playset is you can decide rather you want to have it fully displayed and assembled , or just take it out like I did to take pictures and then put it back in the box . The second option comes in handy if you do not have enough space in your room to display it . I don't have the space or room to display it on a desk or table , that's why I took a picture of it on a bed . This playset is great for figures ranging in height from five inches to six inches tall . Plus it makes toy photography even more fun !!!!

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