Thursday, June 14, 2018

DC COMICS MULTIVERSE - Wonder Woman & Wonder Girl - Dr. Psycho Series Review !!!

This series in the DC Comics Multiverse is the shortest series so far, meaning with the least amount of figures to purchase to complete the series. Not to mention one of the shortest build-a-figures ever in any toy line in Dr. Psycho . I purchased these two figures of Wonder Woman and WonderGirl at a local Walmart for around the $19.99 price range . First a look at the packaging than a look at all three of the figures .

The cardback for Wonder Woman is basically the same as the one above with the exception of each character's name replacing the others.

As you can see there are no more bios for the figures , and to me that is a disappointment . It is a shame that we have to search the internet to find out what this particular look for Wonder Woman came from . According to my research this look for Wonder Woman is based on how she appeared in the Bat-Man-The Dark Knight Returns comic .
Together all three of the figures in this series including the Dr. Psycho build-a-figure . One can only wonder how can such a diminutive individual could be a serious threat to Wonder Woman . The answer is his powers of course .
This Wonder Girl figure is the first Wonder Girl figure for the Multi-Verse line, however it is not the first Wonder Girl figure for this particular style of action figure. Since the Multi-Verse line is somewhat a spin-off of DC Universe Classics, the Wonder Girl from that toy line is Donna Troy. This blond Wonder Girl is Cassandra " Cassie" Sandsmark .
My only complaint about Cassie is that she is too tall. She needs to be a little shorter to emphasize that she is a teenager . Other than this gripe she is perfect . Below are some side by side comparison shots of both Wonder Girls next to the DCU Classics Wonder Woman . (NOTE ) That is an old picture of Donna Troy, and at the time of making this post I do not know the whereabouts of my Donna Troy WonderGirl figure, so I just used the old picture as reference .
Notice how Wonder Woman towers over Donna Troy, but is the same height as Cassie . Cassie is supposed to be a teenager too just like Donna. So it's obvious that Mattel are not keeping the heights of the Multiverse figures consistent with the DCU Classics figures. If they were then both Wonder Girls would be the same height or similar .
As for accessories, as you can see Wonder Woman comes with her knife along with both arms and torso of the Dr. Psycho build-a-figure . WonderGirl comes with his legs and head .

This is one of the bulkiest and biggest Wonder Woman figures ever, if not  the biggest . I'm not complaining though because I like it, it's something different from the usual. Again this look of hers is based on the way she appears in The Dark Knight returns comic, so the figure's looks is also based on the way she is drawn in that comic, and not on Wonder Woman's default look in general. An example of my explanation is below .

In my opinion they look like two different women almost. The DCU Classics WonderWoman is how Wonder Woman originally looks by default, and the Multiverse figure is based on how she is drawn by a certain artist . Now for a look at the Dr. Psycho build-a-figure .
My only complaints about Psycho is the lack of articulation in his elbows and knees. Other than that he looks pretty cool and is still a fun figure to own . I like the fact that you can pose him to make it look as if he is hypnotizing someone . Speaking of hypnotism, if you look closely you'll notice that his right eye is normal, whereas his left eye is not. Therefore it is the left eye that he uses to hypnotize people . Psycho is also one of the most well dressed villains . Love the rose on his chest. He's dressed like he's going to a wedding instead of battling against super heroes .
As you can see Dr, Psycho is very short . Barely over three inches tall . He is one of the smallest build-a-figures in any toy line . As mentioned he is one of the smallest build-a-figures ever, similar to Hit-Monkey from the Marvel Legends line . Unfortunately at the time of this writing I do not own a Hit-Monkey figure to compare Psycho to, I would if I did, sorry about that .
                                                 FINAL    THOUGHTS  
(1) ARTICULATION  LIMITS -   Dr. Psycho - Knees do not bend , elbows do not bend, Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl - limited  up and down head articulation.

(2) STANDING  ABILITY - All three figures stand well even Wonder Girl with her heeled boots.

(3)  WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  EACH  FIGURE ? Dr. Psycho - the luxury of owning a figue that is a "first time in the line"  and the ability to pose him as if he's hypnotizing people, in which hypnotism is one of his powers/abilities .  Wonder Girl - The luxury of owning a figure of this version of Wonder Girl . Wonder-Woman - the bulky muscular physique makes this a fun figure to hold in your hands .

(4) WHAT  I  LIKE  THE  LEAST  ABOUT  EACH  FIGURE ? - Dr. Psycho - very limited articulation  (2) Wonder Girl - too tall . (3) Wonder-Woman - no dislikes .

(5)  WHAT  COULD  HAVE  BEEN  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  EACH  FIGURE ? - Dr. Psycho more articulation and Wonder Girl needs to be a little shorter . Wonder Woman no improvements needed .

(6) GRADING  SCALE -   (a) Dr. Psycho - I'd give him a Perfect 10 if not for the limited articulation. However I think a 9.0 is decent .  (b) Wonder Girl - 9.8 would be a ten if not for too much height . (c) Wonder Woman - Perfect 10 no flaws .

(7)  FINAL  ANALYSIS -  I think probably the greatest luxury of this series is buying two figures to end up owning three . Plus unlike any other build-a-figure series not as much money is needed to be spent because of this situation .


  1. This was a very cool small series of figures although I totally agree with you on Cassie's size. Also, while the packaging says this Wonder Woman is from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, that's not altogether true. She's actually from either the pretty terrible The Dark Knight Strikes Again or the actually quite good DKIII: The Master Race.

    1. THANK YOU Barbecue17 for clearing that up about this version of Wonder Woman . And yes Mattel needs to have the Multiverse figures consistent in height with the old DCU Classics I agree. It is a shame also that the bios are gone. We now have to do internet research on these figures.