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Kingdom Hearts - Series 2 Donald and Goofy Review !!!

Courtesy of Diamond Select Toys , here's something different from the usual super hero action figures normally reviewed on here. Some famous cartoon characters, Donald Duck and Goofy . Although not in their original attire, the clothes they're wearing is based on the Kingdom Hearts video game franchise . I purchased this set at a local GameStop for around the $ 19.99 price range .

On the back you can see the other figures in the series. Also this packaging is old school style as you can see . Nothing on the sides or edges, just front and back .
 Here they are Donald and Goofy out of the packaging . As cartoon characters, both of these guys are known for their distinctive speaking and laughter . Donald is known for sounding exactly like a real duck as he talks, and Goofy is known (well for his goofy laugh and personality ) no pun intended . So these guys are well loved as cartoon characters. Will you have the same type of love for them as six inched scaled action figures ? Just like their cartoon selves , their action figures do not disappoint . I love the bright vivid colors on both figures and their perfect cartoon likeness , even though the overall look of these figures is video game based and not cartoon based . Donald and Goofy come with two accessories based on the Kingdom Hearts video game series . First a look at Donald .
 As you can see Donald is still sporting the hat that he always wears , this time the shirt is different . As for the articulation , the head moves up ad down and side to side. Both of his arms move outward and can rotate in a circular motion . His legs rotate outward.
To make Donald hold the shield without dropping it, I recommend using the strap on the shield in either open hand with the arm raised. By the way is it just me or does the shield look as it could also belong in the world of Masters of the Universe ?  Let's have a look at a couple of MOTU Classics with the shield .
 I think Stratos looks pretty cool with the shield, even though he never came with any weapons of his own throughout the history of the MOTU franchise . Now let's see how it looks with a female character .
Since Huntara is naturally a fighter anyway, it makes sense for her to have a shield . It may not match her swords however you can always customize the shield if you want to make the colors match .
The magic wand like item can also be held two handed . Just have it laying in one hand as shown and use the other hand to hold the end tip . Now to compare Donald scale wise to figures from other toy lines .
 Since Disney has rights to Star Wars now , you may as well say there are two Disney characters in the above pic as Donald stands next to a Stormtrooper .
 I could not believe it until I compared the two . Donald Duck standing next to Dr . Psycho from the DC Comics Multiverse line . Donald is even shorter than this guy .
As you can see Donald is barely at three inches tall . If not for his hat , he'd be just a little over two inches tall . Now on to Goofy .
I always wondered as a kid what kind of specimen / creature is Goofy supposed to be ? Donald is a duck, so what is Goofy? I always was thinking he resembled a dog with the floppy ears, and after viewing a Wikipedia profile on him that's exactly what he is mentioned as, a dog . Both Donald and Goofy are cool figures but I think I like the Goofy figure better because he has more articulation than Donald . Speaking of articulation , Goofy's head can move side to side and slightly up and down . His arms move outward and rotate in a circular motion . Goofy's wrists rotate in a circular motion . Both of his legs move outwards . Ankle articulation allows him to stand on his tip toes or raise his feet up to his knees. The area of his ankles located below his rolled up pants can rotate in a circular motion . Goofy's vest is removable also .

Goofy can hold the items a little better than Donald because he has hands that were posed in more of a gripping function than Donald.
Goofy next to a Marvel Legends Jessica Jones figure .
Goofy next to a WWE Mattel Kurt Angle figure .
Goofy next to a Star Wars Black Series StormTrooper .
As you can see Goofy is not as tall as he seems or looks.  He's even shorter than the Marvel Legend Jessica Jones figure. As you can see the figure measures right at six inches, however that is with the hat. Without the hat it looks as if he would be barely over five inches tall .
                                                           FINAL  THOUGHTS   
(1) ARTICULATION  LIMITS  -  Donald  - his legs can only rotate in a circular motion . No bending for knees or ankles. However I'm okay with this , he does not have to bend his knees because of him being so short. Goofy - No elbow or knee articulation however I'm not bothered by it. Also there's no articulation in Goofy's waist.

(2) STANDING  ABILITY - Donald stands well mainly because he is flat footed . Goofy stands well because he is both flat footed and has big feet .

(3) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THESE  FIGURES ? -  Their perfect likeness to the two Disney famous characters, and the luxury of them being in scale with six inch scaled figures .

(4) WHAT  I  LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THESE  FIGURES ? - No dislikes .

(5) WHAT  COULD  HAVE  BEEN  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THE  FIGURES ? - Some elbow and knee articulation would be nice for Goofy, however I'm not bothered by it as mentioned before .

(6) GRADING  SCALE -  I give them both a Perfect 10 because I could find no flaws or dislike anything about them . Even though neither one of them can hold the weapons very well , I'm use to seeing these guys without anything in their hands anyway . ( NOTE ) I'm not giving them a Perfect 10 because I think they're cool figures, they're receiving that score because of no flaws or dislikes.

(7) FINAL  ANALYSIS  -  Rather you prefer Walt Disney styled original attire Donald and Goofy figures or these two video game themed figures , adding these two guys to your action figure collection is worth it . I also wonder will these figures catch the attention more of fans of Donald and Goofy as Disney cartoon characters, or the attention of the Kingdom Hearts video game fans ?

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