Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Armchair coverage of things that " STOOD OUT" to me at the 2018 San Diego Comic Con !!!

Here's a brief rundown of what got me excited at this year's SDCC ( San Diego Comic Con ) . I'm just focusing on five franchises in no particular order - Marvel. DC , Masters of the Universe, Star Wars and WWE Mattel .( NOTE ) NONE of the pictures are from me. The Marvel , DC , and MOTU pics are from . The Star Wars Black pic is from The Fwoosh and all of the WWE Mattel pics are courtesy of Ringside Collectibles - their Facebook page .
First let's start with the Marvel Legends. I think there were just as many cool new Marvel Legends revealed almost as much as the other toy lines. I'm really looking forward to that Black Panther Wave, the build-a-figure Kingpin, a new Black Cat , Silver Sable among others .

Out of all of the DC stuff shown with Multiverse and DC Collectibles , I was the most impressed with the Aqua-Man movie figures . Especially the sharks with the soldiers .

Out of the Masters of the Universe Classics reveals, I'm more excited for Snake Mountain than I was for any of the new figures shown. It's great to finally see Skeletor's bone throne, along with the discussion table that are shown in the Filmation episodes of MOTU . The figures shown are nice, but the majority of them have been seen before with the exception of Filmation versions of She-Ra, Fisto, Mantenna and Grizzlor . They're all cool figures however I'm disappointed that there were no figures of characters that " have yet to be made into a figure " .

There were not that many new Star Wars Black Series reveals however what was shown is impressive .

The WWE reveals that I'm most looking forward to are in no particular order - Sensational Sherri, Ronda Rousey , Mable , and Goldberg . Looking forward to a lot of the others too.

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