Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Celebrities that are toy collectors !!

Besides collecting action figures, I also buy and read tabloids every now and then . The July 23, 2018 issue of the National Examiner is where the pics in this post come from . The article had mentioned the following celebrities as toy collectors .

Looks like Leonardo Dicaprio is into super hero figures, Rosie O' Donnell is into collecting dolls and Happy Meal Toys , singer Rod Stewart loves his train collections .
But wait there's more. Video footage courtesy of Youtube of two guys in the music business. Both of these guys had their best days of being famous in the 1980s . I'm talking about Rick Springfield and Rapper Biz Markie .
Here's a link to Springfield showing off his vintage Star Wars Toy Collection -

Now here's a link to one of Biz Markie's vids of him collecting toys -

That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed this post I hope to have more similar in the future for your enjoyment.

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