Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Fortnite - Teknique Review !!!

The Fortnite Video game franchise has gotten so popular now that it has gone on to produce other products such as action figures. Although they are in the 3.75 through four inch scale , they still look pretty neat . I would love to see six inch scaled Fortnite figures too if possible by the company . Epic Games is the name of the company for the game for those of you whom might not have known and Jazwares is the company making the Fortnite toys/ action figures . I was lucky enough to purchase this figure of the character known as Teknique at a local Walmart for under ten dollars .

This is the back of the packaging with the clear plastic casing still on .

This is the back of the packaging without the clear plastic casing .
Above the art located behind the figure while inside the packaging .
Although I'm not much of a collector of 4 inch scaled figures Teknique is nicely done . Unfortunately her hat does not come off however the hoodie head piece does. This is a luxury because of the multiple display options, letting you decide rather you want her with it on or not . I have not played the Fortnite game so I assume that some type of weapon is blended in with the paint roller . Pay close attention and you will notice that she has paint stains on her shoes . The most impressive feature of this figure in my opinion is how colorful she is. Her attire is filled with bright vivid beautiful colors .
Although I do not think that the figure is a perfect likeness to the video game version, it is neat looking none the less. Although not a realistic looking face because of the video game likeness. I like her gas mask like accessory around her neck too it's pretty neat looking .
As you can see Teknique is about the same height as your average G.I. Joe figure . As a matter of fact these Fornite figures fit in really well with the Joe figures .
As you can see Teknique has paint stains on her pants and shirt sleeves too. However I'm not sure if the stains were supposed to be accidental or designed on by the character herself .
Above are the accessories Teknique comes with . I like how the flash from my camera almost makes the metal handle on the paint roller almost look like real metal .
There is a peg on the raft so that you can stand Teknique on it. As for the brochure pictured below that come with the figure , I'm not sure if it is meant for the video game or the toy series, however it is a nice menu of extra characters and items .

That's it for now and I hope you enjoyed this review . There is no " Final Thoughts" this time because some of the same categories that apply to bigger figures are less of an emphasis on smaller ones when determining a purchase, such as articulation .