Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Pros and Cons of Transformers -The Toys !!!

The Pros and Cons series continues with  Transformers , the toy lines and not the movies. Starting in the 1980s and still going strong today.

                                        Pros of Transformers Toys 
                                      (  The   Positives  ) 

( 1 )  STARTED  IN  THE  1980S  & STILL  GOING  STRONG  TODAY  -  This is a very positive sign of a very successful franchise . This is great for Hasbro ( business wise ) and all Transformers fans .

( 2 )  THE  TOYS  HAVE  HELPED  THE  GROWTH  OF  OTHER  TRANSFORMERS  MERCHANDISE  &  MEDIA  -  The toys helped the growth of Transformers comics, cartoons and would eventually lead to all of the hit motion picture films by Michael Bay along with this year's Bumblebee film .

( 3 ) THE  TRANSFORMATIONS  ALLOW  FOR  MULTIPLE  DISPLAY  OPTIONS  -  Rather you want to display any Autobot or Decepticon in robot mode or transformed mode , you have that luxury and option .

( 4 )  THEY  ARE  FUN  FOR  TODAY'S  KIDS  AND  GROWN  UPS  THAT  WERE  KIDS  IN  THE  1980S  -   Because of the longevity of the Transformers franchise , it has a super huge fan base with fans that grew up with the franchise in the 1980s to kids of today . This is also great business wise for Hasbro and for all Transformers fans both old school and new .

( NOTE )  To read the rest of this article you will need to purchase the book known as " Guide to Six Inch Scaled Action Figures & More " , Volume One . 

Well that's  it . I could only come up with two negatives . Now before I go I'll let you have a look at my small Transformer collection , both carded and loose figures .

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