Tuesday, May 28, 2019

E-Bay RARE FINDS -- NBA HEROES - James Harden Figure !!!

This is the first of a new series for Action Figure Imagery I call " E-BAY  RARE  FINDS " . The series is about if I am successful in winning an E-Bay auction on a " RARE " and hard to find action figure , I will post it here on the site . The James Harden figure of the Jazwares NBA Heroes franchise is the rarest and most difficult figure to find in that toy line . He is also the most expensive figure when fully carded mint in box . If you bump into a carded NBA Heroes Harden he may cost you as much as $ 150.00 USD .  I got lucky and won this auction with a " LOOSE " James Harden figure and paid only $ 29.99  . The reason for the good price is because not only was Harden loose , but his regular right arm was missing in the auction . Below is a screen shot I took with my camera of the auction that I won .
As you can see the auction also included a loose LeBron James figure . However James is NOT rare but Harden is , hence the title of this post . Shots of both figures are posted in this article however let's get to James Harden first since he is the primary focus, then on to the LeBron figure .
 Dreams do INDEED come true. I have been wanting this James Harden figure in my collection for quite some time and now I finally have it . Also the proof of me wanting this figure from a post from last year , this James Harden figure was on my wish list . Click the following link to see it --- .
 I love this figure however I do not like the fact that the seller did NOT have Harden's regular right arm . Because I also love NBA Basketball and I wish I had Harden's regular right arm rather than the super hero arm . Maybe one day some more James Harden figures will pop up on E-Bay again sometime soon and I can purchase another one just to get that right arm . However it's going to be tough because he is a rare figure .
 As you can see Harden stands right at the six inch height mark .
 I love how the jerseys on these NBA Heroes figures look exactly like actual NBA Jerseys .
 A close up of Harden's armor . Even though I purchased this figure for the basketball side of things and not for the super hero stuff, the armor and viking helmet look really cool . I love the blend of reds and greys in the armor .
 Close up of Harden in the viking helmet .
 Back of viking helmet and armor .
Full body shot . 
Comparison shot of the figure and the real life James Harden . The figure in my opinion is a good likeness to the real Harden with the exception of the shape of the face . It looks as if the action figure's face should have been a little more rounded to match the complete look of Harden 100% . Now let's look at the figure that is not rare, the LeBron figure .
The reason why his skin is silver instead of normal is because it's like paying a tribute to the popular X-Men character known as Colossus . Thus  hence the name of the toy line NBA " HEROES " .

I think this is a neat figure too, however I want the regular version of LeBron that is packaged in a 3-pack alongside Derrick Rose and Stephen Curry more than I do this one .
As you can see the LeBron figure is a little over six inches tall and has very big monster like hands . He can actually palm that ball with one hand .


  1. These are crazy! They remind me of the ProStars for some reason, or of some of the crazy WWE lines like WWE Mutants. I remember you mentioning the James Harden figure last year, so I'm glad you found him. This is a really unique line that feels more like it should have been released in the early 90s rather than the early 2000s.

  2. Haa haaa indeed they are Barbecue17 . I agree about Pro-Stars because of the sports gadgets. Now that you mention it, I would not mind six inch scaled figures of the Pro-Stars, but that may not happen anytime soon since that cartoon is old now . And thanks for the congrats on finally getting the James Harden figure .