Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Action Figure Man's TOY WISH LIST !!!

Even though I'm a fan of action figures just like you all, I'm also missing some rare toys and figures that I would like to add to my collection . Some are hard to find or super expensive. In most cases a combination of both . Here are three toys , one is a play set and the other two are action figures that I do not have in my collection at the time of writing this post . First up the Eternia Playset .

These pictures are from a Comic Book Convention I attended a back in 2016 . I forgot how much the guys at the booth wanted for it I just remember I did not have the funds at the time . They were however nice enough to let me take pictures . I even did a review of this trip and in case you missed it here's the link --- . Now for the action figures on my wish list .

The James Harden NBA Heroes figure is very difficult to find, and the Dragon Man Marvel Legends figure is not that difficult to find, however it is difficult to find him at a decent price. He is very expensive because of his rareness . Last two pics courtesy of various sites and NOT me of course . There's more action figures I would like to have in my collection but these are among my top three most wanted toys for now.

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