Sunday, August 5, 2018

Flea Market and Thrift Store Finds - Part 7 !!!

The first of this series in two years. The last " Flea Market and Thrift Store finds" post was back in 2016 . These latest pickups I purchased were on August 4, 2018 from a local thrift store . Some nice items for very low nice prices . Three wrestling figures in the six inch scale, a motorized seven inch scale robot and an old Batmobile . At the end of this article links are posted to the first six posts of this series . Now on to the most recent finds .
 First up is a look at an old school Mattel Batmobile . I left the $ 1.98 price tag on it on purpose to remind everyone that this is indeed a thrift store purchase and NOT an E-bay find, etc . That's the luxury of thrift stores, you may never know what you may find at discounted prices !!! I looked all over this Batmobile and could not find the year , To me it looks like something out of the 1990s. Plus it looks like it is based on the Batman movie from 1989, starring Michael Keaton as Batman .

 Press your fingers against the hood to activate the battering ram feature .
 Since this is Batman's car, it makes since to put any Batman figure behind the wheel . That's a DC Superheroes Batman sitting there . The problem is trying to make the cape fit in with him, since most of the capes on just about all of the recent Batman figures over the years are made of a hard rubbery plastic . So because of this I tried a NON - Caped figure such as Aqua-Man .

 As you can see non-caped six inch scaled figures fit really well into the vehicle . That is a DCU Classics Aqua-Man, and as you can see I tried to pose him in a turning motion, making it seem as if he's turning the car . Plus you can make the open hands fit really well around the steering wheel handles, giving the illusion that he really is driving . So the good news is that this Batmobile does fit in scale with today's modern day six inch scaled figure . My only complaint about this Batmobile is that it does not look realistic, it does not look like a real car. It actually looks like what it actually is, a toy and not real . Other than that gripe it is a nice toy . Now on to the three wrestling figures .
 These three guys came together in a clear plastic bag for a little over four dollars . The guy in the middle, Shark Boy is my favorite of the bunch because he's more articulated than the other two and looks cooler in my opinion .

 Shark Boy is from the TNA Wrestling line done by Marvel Toys . The year is posted on the bottom of his left boot and it says 2005 . He's a very cool figure and he fits  in well with today's WWE Mattel figures .
 I do not know the name of this guy however he is dated 2003 and is a WWE Jakks Pacific figure .

 This figure of Chris Benoit is when he was in the WWE and not WCW . He also is dated 2003 and also belongs to Jakks Pacific .

This robot is one of the Boxing Robots courtesy of  MerchSource . Dated 2014 I found this red one with his head missing . The battery compartment is on the back and the on/off switch is on the right hand side of the figure's mid-section . To see what the robots really looked like view the pic below courtesy of and not me .
Even though my purchase is missing his head, I could not pass him up for only 99 cents . Plus after researching these robots by googling them, I now want to purchase a complete set . Just find you a brother or any relative or a good friend willing to play against you and have fun !!! That's all for now and there will be more of these type of posts in the future. I hope you all enjoyed the article but before  I go below are the links I promised earlier to the past articles , just in case you may have missed them .
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