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The Pros and Cons of WWE Mattel !!!

The WWE Mattel line debuted in 2010 , with Mattel taking over the WWE toy license away from Jakks Pacific . I'll go ahead and admit that I love the WWE Mattel line, and I think the WWE Mattel figures are better looking than the Jakks figures. While the Jakks figures faces were nicely done, the bodies of a lot of the figures look cartoonish and out of proportion scale wise . Not the case with the WWE Mattel figures . Even though WWE Mattel is a nice toy line, it has its flaws as well , as this article discusses the Pros and Cons . Let's start with the Pros .

                     The  Pros  of  Collecting  WWE  Mattel  Figures 
                          (  The   Positives  ) 

(1)  ALL  ERAS  OF  WWE  HISTORY  ARE  REPRESENTED -  Wrestlers from the past and present are made into figures . For the old school fans of the 1980s with the likes of Hulk Hogan, etc. to today's stars . Therefore a fan of any era can be satisfied if they collect figures .

(2)  THE  FIGURES  ARE  IN  SCALE  HEIGHT  WISE   -    Every one is in scale with their real life height .

With the exception  of a lot of the female  figures , a lot of the male figures have different body molds This is a nice luxury because it adds realism to the figures . However this luxury does not always stand true for a lot of the older female figures, but as of late some of them have been getting new body molds .

( 4 ) THE  PACKAGING  FOR  THE  FIGURES  ARE  COOL  LOOKING  AND  INFORMATIVE  -    Rather you buy Elite  figures  or Basic , the packaging in my opinion is always nicely decorated in bright vivid colors . By " informative " I'm referring to the short bio-like information on the back , providing details and stats about each wrestler such as height, weight and their finishing maneuvers  , along with  their in ring success such as championship belts won .

( 5 )   THE  FIGURES  ARE  EASY  TO  FIND  AND ARE  ABUNDANT  -  You  can find WWE Mattel  figures at a lot of retail stores and online . Everywhere from Walmart , Target, Walgreens , etc .
( 6 )  THE  FIGURES   COME  WITH  SOME  VERY  COOL  ACCESSORIES  -  Everything from championship belts to prop items, you name it . Although I'll give Jakks the edge in this department over Mattel . I feel that the Jakks figures came with more accessories than the  Mattel figures so far .

( 7 )  THE  FIGURES  ARE  AFFORDABLE  -  Elite figures are always around the $ 19. 99 price range , where as Basic figures can be anywhere from the $ 9.99 through 10 dollar range .

( 8 )  FANS  HAVE  A  CHOICE  OF  RATHER TO  COLLECT  BASIC  OR  ELITE  FIGURES -  Or both . Just like this article's subject , both Basic and Elite figures have their pros and cons . The Pros for Basics are they are at really decent prices . Basic figures are great for those who do not want to spend too much money, or for those with low incomes or tight incomes . That's the positive for Basics . The con of Basics is that quite a bit of articulation is eliminated. Not as articulated as the Elite Figures . Whereas the articulation is one of the strengths of the Elite figures, the extra articulation also adds onto the price, making a more expensive figure which is a con of the Elites .

Managers , valets ,  ring announcers  , interviewers along with ringside commentators are made into figures . Even the owners have figures such as The McMahons , Vince, Stephanie and Shane . Now if we can just get some Referee figures. Are you listening Mattel ?

( 10 )  THERE  ARE  MULTIPLE  DISPLAY  OPTIONS  FOR  A  LOT  OF  FIGURES  -  For example , the Mean Gene Okerlund build-a-figure let's you decide if you want to display him in his default blue jacket or the red jacket . Also lots of figures come with robes, removable shirts, hats, etc . allowing for different display options for the same figure . Not to mention it was just announced at this year's San Diego Comic Con that most WWE Mattel figures will now start come packaged with extra heads and extra hands , similar to other toy lines of today . What a wonderful luxury to have with these figures !!!

Now  for the cons .

            The  Cons  of  collecting  WWE Mattel  figures  
                         (  The  Negatives  )  

( 1 )    TOO  MANY  OF  THE  FEMALE  FIGURES  HAVE  THE  SAME  BODY  MOLDS -  It seems that every male has his own body mold, but that is not always the case with the female figures .
( 2 )  NO  AB  CRUNCH  FOR  THE  FEMALE  FIGURES  -  I understand it may be because of their smaller size, however all of the Nia Jax  figures have no ab crunch , yet she is bigger in stature than a lot of the men . Even though the female figures are still cool even without an ab crunch, I still wonder why they do not have one .

( 3 )  THE  MISERY  OF  NOT  KNOWING  WHEN  OR  IF  YOU'LL  EVER  SEE  A  FIGURE  OF  SOMEONE  YOU  WANT  A FIGURE  OF  THAT  HAS  NOT  BEEN  MADE -   I'm still waiting on a figure of Chyna , Koko B. Ware , Sable, among others . Not knowing is also frustrating, because sometimes a company must have the rights to make a certain character, etc . However this negative applies to a lot of toy lines, not just WWE Mattel .

( 4 )   TOO  MANY  FIGURES  OF  ONE  CHARACTER /  PERSON  -   This negative also applies to a lot of toy lines and not just this one . Just look at how many John Cena figures exist so far , in both the Elites and Classics . That's extra plastic that could be used on making someone that has not been made yet, rather than making 20 different figures of the same person .

That's it folks . I hope you all enjoyed this article . Let me know in the comments section your thoughts and opinions I would love feedback be it positive or negative . Too keep this article from being all dialogue , I'll leave you with some pics of some WWE Mattel figures in fighting action . Enjoy !!!

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